“Bitch *** malc ***, get out of here ***” – Libero Quotidiano

“Bitch *** malc ***, get out of here ***” – Libero Quotidiano

A Vittorio Sgarbi to take, cut out and frame. A video posted on his social channels in which he points the finger at Fedez, new “totem” of the Democratic Party and the left. A video in which he also points the finger at that Pd that rejects any kind of dialogue on the Zan bill, entrusting in fact the synthesis of his position to the rapper most loved by the girls who, in a grotesque and unpresentable way, is “passing himself off” as political landmark. Yep, the teammates are in bad shape. Very bad.

“Once it was called dialogue – Sgarbi begins -. And two homosexuals began to dialogue, friend Zan and friend Ivan Scalfarotto. The latter then went to Italia Viva, so he contaminated himself with that heterosexual of Matteo Renzi. Why the two cannot yet be made to dialogue seems incomprehensible. Except in Fedez … a statesman, a great character, one who has expressed great theories on the theories of man. Instead it is one bitch *** bad *** who wrote forgettable songs, got married to a very lucky woman and decided to go into politics in Italy. So Scalfarotto is a bitch “, he hits the art critic very hard.

So Sgarbi remembers the case of Rosamaria Sorge, a member of the Democratic Party, who to be “politically incorrect” with Scalfarotto turned to him saying: “Froc *** di mer ***”. And Sgarbi comments: “If there were the bill Zan would already be in jail”. And again: “Nobody wants to condemn anyone, but what is dialogue? People talking to find common points. But Fedez believes irrevocably and definitively only in Zan. Scalfarotto disgusts him because he dared to touch that heterosexual Renzi“.

“You can’t talk, you have to listen to Fedez”. Then Sgarbi resume an interview with Ettore Rosato a Free, interview in which the exponent of Italia Viva remembers just how the Democratic Party is rejecting any kind of dialogue and mediation on the Zan bill. And Sgarbi adds: “You cannot dialogue, you have to listen to Fedez. It seems to me that Rosato’s position is precise: dialogue. All their lives they have talked to us about dialogue. Now we have the monologue of that mona di Fedez. But vaff ***, but vaff ***“, concludes a monumental Vittorio Sgarbi.


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