Bernadette Chirac, confined : this sad anniversary after the death of her husband

Bernadette Chirac confinée : ce triste anniversaire après la mort de son mari

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A few days ago, Bernadette Chirac, who lives confined in his apartment on the ground floor in the rue de Tournon, was celebrated for the first time without Jacques Chirac on their wedding anniversary.

The containment has begun, there are long months already for Bernadette Chirac. His fragile health requires him to stay at his home. The death of Jacques Chirac on the 26th of September last has a little weakened a Bernadette Chirac, already very affected by the death of his daughter Laurence. On the ground floor of the hotel particulier of the rue de Tournon, located in the jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, lent by his friend François Pinault, the orderlies take turns at his bedside. Claude Chirac, his daughter and his grandson Martin call him even more often than before since that was ruled out of the containment for all. Of course it has the leisure to enjoy the small garden attached to the apartment to take to the air.

But it comes to celebrate a sad event, a few days ago. Indeed, it is the first time that she was not in the company of her husband for their wedding anniversary. On 16 march 1956, Jacques and Bernadette Chirac had said yes. For life. An existence rich, with a lot of turbulence.

If you’re not happy, ask for the divorce

From the day of the wedding, when the young wife remonstrated with her husband of papillonner with pretty women, he replied du tac au tac ” if you’re not happy : ask for the divorce !The day after the wedding, Jacques Chirac also announced to Bernadette that he would leave to fight in Algeria. Prime minister now, he would fall madly in love with Jacqueline Chabridon and would be a time ready to give up everything for this journalist.

“She liked it very simply “

But Bernadette Chirac has held firm against the winds and tides. “I have childhood memories with my sister at Matignon, where we were sad to hear of the arguments, loud voices , “said Claude Chirac in Erwan The Eléouet, author of” Bernadette Chirac. The secrets of a conquest ” (Fayard) “I think my mother has not always been very happy, “continues the youngest of the clan. Sometimes, it really drooled. In these cases, a woman must establish the hierarchy of what is most important. For her, it was her marriage, her husband, her children. I believe that she loved him simply. His education had certainly be useful. She stayed right, she said nothing, she has nothing left to appear. ” It is this stoicism that enabled Bernadette Chirac to impose, over the years, as a political personality in its own right and winning the hearts of the French. And train up all the way a couple single with Jacques Chirac.


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