Berglund: it is expected that the hockey in the KHL is at a high level, and it did

Beginner Chelyabinsk “Tractor” Jakob Berglund shared his impressions from the debut season in the Continental hockey League.

Season 2019/2020 was for the striker’s debut in the KHL. His first club, Dynamo Riga, the second — “Neftekhimik”. Berglund moved to Nizhnekamsk during the regular season.

“We knew hockey in the NHL is at a high level, and it did. Of all the leagues, where he played here, hockey at the highest level. In each team there are a lot of good players. What surprised you the most? In leagues, where he played before, it was 2-3 team bottom of the table who have lost everything, but in the KHL there are no such commands. If you’re not ready, you will not win, and it does not matter which team the match.

The season was interesting. Beginning in Riga was strange, I had to leave after 8 games. Lucky moved to the “Neftekhimik”. A lot of playing. The whole team struggled all season, and it wasn’t easy. Fighting for a place in the playoffs with the “Tractor” including. Started bottom of the table and eventually reached the playoffs. It was great, I learned a lot. I think the season was a success.

Sometimes difficulties arise due to the fact that not speak Russian, and the rest of the guys are fluent. But the hockey language is universal. No need to perfectly know the Russian language, to understand what you said the coach. On the ice realize that doing something incorrectly or, on the contrary, right at his reaction. Outside the arena is another world. Of course, sometimes have trouble ordering food in restaurants, but everything else is good. This year is a great experience and the reason why I’m going back to play in Russia. I like it,” Berglund quoted a press-service of the club.

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