Berglund: I see no reason that would prevent “the Tractor” high rise

Striker “Tractor” Jakob Berglund has shared his impressions of the transition in the Chelyabinsk club.

“Great expectations from yourself and from the team. With the “Tractor” was difficult to play, despite the fact that the season was difficult. The team have good players. For example, the legionaries proved themselves very well. I think we should have high expectations of the team. On paper we have a good team, I see no reason that would prevent us to move up in the standings. Besides, I’ve heard good things about the new head coach. Can’t wait to start.

How did you decide on signing of the contract? We have discussed this with the agent he spoke well about the club, the coach and the team. It must be a good place. I talked to Jonas Inlondon, he played for “Tractor” before last season, and he also spoke well about the club, so the decision was easy”, — quotes the words Berglund, the press service of the club.

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