BAYERN | Neuer doubts and his substitute rebels

    BAYERN | Neuer doubts and his substitute rebels

    Manuel Neuer was one of those indicated in the defeat of Bayern Munich against Paris Saint Germain by two goals to three. The German goalkeeper was unable to save or clear a powerful shot from Kylian Mbappé that ended up inside the net as soon as the game started. The kick of the French star was not particularly placed and there are many voices that charge the titular porteto responsibility for not blocking the occasion. Of course, making a mistake does not put you in the trigger, far from it..

    His ownership is far from doubt, both at Bayern and in the German National Team. So much so, that it has come to despair, without going any further, Marc André ter Stegen, who barely has opportunities to face the goalkeeper of the current European champion. Something similar now happens to Alexander Nubel, the current substitute at the Allianz Arena.

    Your agent, Stefan Backs, has questioned its continuity in a few words collected by Kicker: “We are addressing the issue of the loan of Alex (Nubel) because as long as Neuer is close, he will not have space as a starter. I think the loan is also a good idea for the club. How can Alex become the number 1 goalkeeper with only five games played? That is not right”.

    Nubel, 24, arrived last summer from Schalke as one of the big revelations of the Bundesliga. There was even speculation about the possibility that his contract had a guarantee clause to play a certain number of games with Bayern, something that would have helped him to sign for the entity. However, Despite reports from the German media, it seems that this is not the case. At least, it has not been shown in what we have been campaigning.

    With a contract until 2025, It is clear that Nubel needs an air to continue growing as a footballer. At the moment, he has only accumulated three games so far this season for a total of 270 minutes. But what for Neuer’s substitute is an opportunity, for Bayern it is a new problem.

    What goalkeeper can they incorporate? Who would agree to arrive in Munich knowing that he will not play any game as long as the starter is in full physical condition? What would happen to the club if it does not incorporate a guaranteed goalkeeper if Neuer suffers a long-term injury? At the moment, there is no answer to these questions, but there is a rebellion on the table.

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