Basque: Karnauhovo need a new challenge in his career, he can become a great goalkeeper

The General Director of the Minsk “Dynamo” Dmitry Baskov commented on the transfer of Mikhail Karnaukhov in Novokuznetsk “metallurg”.

“In my opinion, as a former goalkeeper, Michael Karnauhovo needed a new challenge in his career. Personally, discussed it with him and advised him to find a club where his talent would get more opportunities to open up. Misha must now play, play and play. He is a talented goalkeeper, worked with him in his time as a coach. Sure, Karnaukhov able to become a great goalkeeper. But he needs to play in a team where he could become the first number and get more practice”, — quotes the official the official website of Minsk “Dynamo”.

In the past regular championship KHL the 26-year-old has not won a single victory in 12 matches, reflecting the match of 88.0% of shots and allowing only 3.57 goals. In the course of the season Karnauhov has played 12 matches in the Extraliga for “Dynamo-Molodechno” with the reliability coefficient of 2.88 and 88,0% of the reflected shots.

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