Barcelona Sporting Club formalizes a claim for referees before the National Arbitration Commission | National Championship | sports

    Barcelona Sporting Club formalizes a claim for referees before the National Arbitration Commission | National Championship | sports

    In video footage, and that the judge of the match against D. Cuenca did not notice, the Morlaco defender Denilson Bolaños takes the ball from the goal with his hand.

    After losing undefeated to Deportivo Cuenca (1-0), in Cuenca, Barcelona feels harmed by the performance of central referee Guillermo Guerrero and again sent a letter to the president of the National Arbitration Commission of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (CNA ), Carlos Manzur.

    In the letter he states: “We deeply regret that just 4 days after having revealed our energetic claim for the appalling arbitration management in our previous meeting (before Independiente del Valle, led by Augusto Aragón), we must address you again to to point out another consecutive terrible arbitration performance, on the part of the shortlist made up of the following: Guillermo Enrique Guerrero Alcívar (central), Juan Rafael Aguiar Ramos (1st assistant referee), Luis Gabriel García Vallejo (2nd assistant referee) ”.

    He indicates: “In my previous communication (April 5), the same one on which we have received a response from you to this day, which deepens our concerns, I referred to the lack of uniformity in the criteria of the national collegiate, and that with what was seen yesterday (in the match against Deportivo Cuenca) ratifies their null preparation for making transcendental decisions in a soccer match ”.

    The letter, signed by President Carlos Alejando Moreno, states: “Only at minute 3 of the game, the central referee awarded Club Deportivo Cuenca a penalty, for, apparently, a foul committed by one of our players; here it is evident that if only he had applied similar and such rigorous criteria in the plays produced at minute 13, before an obvious and deliberate hand of the player Denilson Bolaños a few centimeters from the goal line, and later the devious kick of the player Jesi Godoy, against our left-handed back Leonel Quiñónez. In this play, even Mr. Guerrero Alcívar was only a few meters away ”.

    Barcelona clarifies that in both plays, “without a doubt and in compliance with the Laws of the Game it should have whistled in favor of Barcelona Sporting Club and determined the collection of a penalty kick with the corresponding warning with a red card.”

    He details that both plays are in the area and the assistant referee also did not notice anything at all, which were a determining factor in the result of the match. “The video footage is clear, and in the public domain, without prejudice to the fact that according to current regulations, its full and certified content is transmitted directly to both the Disciplinary Committee and other instances by LigaPro, and may be reviewed by you without any restriction. For greater clarity I attach in the annex to this communication the time of the infractions graphically. Also take into account that at the end of the first half, Mr. Leonel Quiñónez had to be replaced, as the impact caused in the play described above caused him a significant contusion ”.

    By virtue of the detailed, Barcelona requests, according to art. 14 of the Statutes of the Ecuadorian Football Federation that the following be delivered without delay:

    1) The qualification methodology applicable to the arbitrators;

    2) The qualification and / or requalification of the performance of the arbitration list corresponding to the BSC vs. Independiente del Valle, requested this April 5, 2021; Y

    3) The qualification of the arbitration list of the match Club Deportivo Cuenca vs. BSC, indicated in this communication.

    “Mr. President, in February 2020 you resigned from your role as 2nd member of the Board of the FEF, and later in the month of November just two months after being inaugurated as President of the National Arbitration Commission -CNA, hereinafter- denounced corruption and shady practices in the national arbitration, presenting his resignation from office. We do not know the reasons why these decisions were not made effective at the time, which does not stop calling our attention, since such facts are enough for all of us who make up the official tournaments and competitions at the national level distrust the performance of the CNA , with its current structure. You should reconsider your decision in the face of the unfair events reported here, ”the letter says.

    In the final part of the document, he states: “It is painful to reach these instances, but if today the most popular team in the country is harmed, repeatedly and without obtaining any response on their part, what scenario awaits those who do not raise their claim? and voice for fears or external pressures, of which this directive that I am honored to preside, has no fear and that it will always face with integrity in favor of national football ”. (D)

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