Band members Rowwen Hèze hit by flood | Stars

Band members Rowwen Hèze hit by flood | Stars

Coincidentally, Rowwen Hèze would already be performing in the studio, but now came with a small delegation due to the flood. “It is especially intense for those who are not there,” said Poels, who had now come to Hilversum alone with accordionist Tren van Enckevort.

According to Van Enckevort, Joosten and Geels decided not to go with them on Saturday morning, as their garden had already completely disappeared under water. “They sent a message that they would normally never cancel a performance, but they were afraid to leave their house. So then we decided to do it a different way.” Poels fully understands the decision of the other band members. “If something happens and you have to go back, Hilversum is very far away. Everyone understands that, of course.”


For Rowwen Hèze there was something to celebrate this weekend. The group entered the Album Top 100 on Friday with the new album Onderaan Beginne. “We are quietly celebrating it inside,” said Poels. “You actually want to shout it from the rooftops, but you’re holding it in a bit now.”

NPO Radio 2 has been playing 777 songs since Saturday afternoon to draw attention to the flooding in Limburg. The channel wants to support the Limburgers who have been affected by the floods. Listeners can request request numbers and are called upon to donate to Giro 777.

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