Bad Bunny manager rescues a basketball team from darkness

    Bad Bunny manager rescues a basketball team from darkness

    Cangrejeros had collected eight titles in its history.

    Manny Hernandez / Getty Images

    The National Superior Basketball (BSN) de Puerto Rico announced the return of the Saturce Cangrejeros for the next season that will begin on July 8, 2021. The return of the institution, after five years of absence, It was led by Noah Assad, manager of the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny.

    The Governing Board of the BSN, was the entity in charge that authorized the return of one of the franchises with the greatest tradition of Puerto Rican basketball. Los Cangrejeros have eight championships in their history, obtained before the franchise disappeared in 2016.

    Assad is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Rimas Music Entertainment, a company that has released multiple songs of the urban genre. A year ago, Noah Assad made his appearance in the BSN when he joined, along with other young entrepreneurs, the administration of Atléticos de San Germán.

    It fills us with emotion to bring the Saturn Krabs back to BSN. We are committed to the city and the fans to recruit the best talent and provide a world-class sports show“Assad told a local press.

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