Aston Martin won’t quit 2021 and knows where to work

    Aston Martin won’t quit 2021 and knows where to work

    If last year Racing Point (Aston Martin) gave one of the surprises of the season, the truth is that we could say that this year, for now, it has also done so, although unfortunately the surprise this time has been more negative than positive.

    Much to improve

    After the pre-season tests and the first Grand Prix of 2021, Aston Martin has recognized that they still have a lot of work ahead this year, since after the downforce losses they have had this season, at the moment they are much more far from your expectations.

    These were the words of Otmar Szafnauer about it: We have to start looking for more downforce and more specifically it is the rear load that we want to improve.. This should give us a better balance and we should be able to deal with more front wing, which will also help. “.

    To begin his recovery, Aston Martin’s chief operating officer has marked the third Grand Prix of the season in red: “I hope that when we get to Portimão (Portuguese GP) let’s improve the car a little more and we can work hard on it “.

    If they improve considerably and regain that aerodynamic load that they have lost more because of maintaining a lower rake than the rest of the teams, Otmar Szafnauer believes that they will be able to get into the fight: “I think many teams are much closer to Mercedes this year than last year, including Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari. Look at the lap times and you can see that the grid is much more even this year. “.

    Still focused on 2021

    Finally, Aston Martin assured that they are not yet nor do they want to focus 100% on the new regulations that are to come: We have no plans to throw this year, we have found things in the wind tunnel and in the CFD so we will start taking them to the track very soon..

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