As we will travel in 2020: 5 travel trends

Как мы будем путешествовать в 2020 году: 5 тревел-трендов

When open borders.

1. Glamping

Как мы будем путешествовать в 2020 году: 5 тревел-трендов

Photo: Bubble‑lodge

The word glamping, or glamorous camping, in translation into Russian means “glamorous camping.” So-called Hiking and other types of recreation in conditions close to the comfort of five-star hotels. Tourists do not sleep in sleeping bags and on soft beds, eating restaurant meals and wash in the Jacuzzi. But it would be in the wild.

For example, you can rent a house bubble in the forests of Northern Ireland, to spend the night in a glass capsule on the steep slope of the Peruvian Andes or to see the Northern lights in an Igloo with a glass roof in Finland.

Glamping is suitable for people who want to relax from civilization, but do not want to abandon most of its benefits. And thus willing to pay for privacy and comfort. One night in the “tent-Suite” can cost from 50 to several thousand dollars. The high price is due primarily to the fact that glamping is not a mass form of recreation. As a rule, tours are developed to meet specific traveler.

2. Blaze travel

Another concept, which was formed by a merger of two English words: business and leisure. It means trips to work that include a holiday. Simple example: you go on a three-day conference in Paris, but add to it a couple of days on a hike to the Louvre, a visit to Disneyland and shopping. Another option: you go on vacation for two weeks, but bring a laptop in order to stay for a long time of workflows.

Blaze‑travel can help you save time and money: no need to double plan a trip to buy more plane tickets, spending a few extra hours in the airport. Some companies use these trips as an additional motivation for employees: pay flights and accommodation on business trip taking into account additional days to relax.

3. Flickering

Как мы будем путешествовать в 2020 году: 5 тревел-трендов

Photo: Pixabay

The concept of car sharing is familiar to many of us, but flickering a relatively new term. The so-called fly on a private jet or helicopter when the client shares with the pilot fuel costs. Similar to the service BlaBlaCar, only in the sky.

Options Flatsharing are different: you can take a scenic flight to the major tourist places or get to the right city. The basic principle — the cost of fuel should equally share with all the participants, including the pilot. In other words, Flatsharing is not a commercial service, and the ability to reduce costs for everyone.

Find the right flight at the special Internet platform. For example, in Europe the Wingly. The user specifies the departure city and desired date, and then retrieves the list of available pilots. Next is just to choose one of them according to information in the profile and reviews, and then agree on the details of the trip. The cost of a flight starts from 50 euros.

4. Slow‑travel

“Slow” travel is a great holiday destination for those who are tired of the crazy rhythm of the big city and everyday life. The essence of these trips is not to visit as many places and see all the sights in a short time. On the contrary, you need to stay in the city or country to immerse yourself in another culture.

During slow‑the tour, the traveler met with local residents, tries on their way of life and habits, learning to cook traditional food, walking around the areas where usually newcomers do not look.

At this rate, you visit fewer places, but will learn much more. And even better, because no need to hurry and try to remember anything about the seven cities, which managed to go for a seven-day trip.

5. Travel with Pets

Как мы будем путешествовать в 2020 году: 5 тревел-трендов

Photo: Pixabay

For the holidays pet can be left with relatives or at a hotel for animals, but more interesting to take him along for the ride. For example, the Scotsman dick Nicholson went on a world tour on a bike with a cat, which accidentally found in the beginning of the journey. Now follow the adventures of a man and his fluffy girlfriend in their shared Instagram.

If to long journeys you are not ready yet, take your pet in a short trip. For example, go together for a weekend in another city. The main thing — do not forget to take animal food, favorite toys and a couch or house where the pet can rest.

The trip abroad will have to prepare a little more seriously. Need to know the laws of the country you intend to visit. For example, in Saudi Arabia it is forbidden to bring certain birds, and in France — any animal under three months. In addition, the pet needs to do all vaccinations in accordance with age and issue a veterinary passport. A complete list of required documents is better to specify on the website of the consular post. Keep in mind that some vaccinations must be done no later than a month before the trip. And don’t forget to buy your pet a ticket, if you plan to travel by plane or train.

Bonus: a virtual journey

It is obvious that to go on a long trip this spring is unlikely to succeed. But this does not mean that travel will have to forget. Many museums, theatres and galleries have developed online tours.

Without leaving the house to walk to the new York Museum of modern art, the Louvre and the Hermitage. Or to watch the best musical performances from the repertoire of the Vienna Opera, the Bolshoi theater and the Metropolitan Opera. If you wish, you can even watch the animals for example, elephants, pandas or lions from the Smithsonian zoo. All this — free and without queues.

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