Art had accumulated in the city. Daugavpils artists united in the exhibition / Article

Art had accumulated in the city. Daugavpils artists united in the exhibition / Article

The Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum hosts the traditional annual exhibition of the Daugavpils Region Artists’ Association. It was not opened in the spring as usual, but in July. “But the spirit of the exhibition is very springy and cheerful,” said the head of the association Līga Čible.

To a certain extent, it is an anniversary exposition – exhibitions of local professional artists in Daugavpils have been taking place regularly since 1971, ie for fifty years.

“It seems to me that nothing has changed in the last fifty years. By that I mean love of art and the impact of art on city life.

It is no coincidence that the Mark Rothko Art Center was established in Daugavpils eight years ago – art had “accumulated” in the city.

We have formed whole dynasties. At one time after the distribution [pēc augstskolas beigšanas] The young sculptor Indulis Folkmanis came to work for him, his son Ivo also became an artist, Ivo’s wife Mairita is also an artist, and their daughter, Indulis’ granddaughter Marta, is studying at the Academy of Arts. I am very pleased that Valdis Mežbārde, who participated in the first exhibition in 1971, still participates in the exhibitions and organizes them every spring – he calls the artists and reminds us that “Valda is our symbol,” said Līga Čible.

40 artists are represented in the new exposition.

I created the cycle “Art Pandemic”, here three works are exhibited from it. The weather was heavy, dark, even the bouquet of flowers is for me – sad. Here, man, he came out of the house and forgot the mask, he feels fear and anxiety, he hides from everyone. But the hope for the best wins, it also permeates my works, ”said artist Rimma Ilyina at

Valda Mežbārde participates in the 2021 exhibition with the 1986 “Self-Portrait”. “It’s from the museum collection, I like it. Such a playful – hat, scarf with flowers…

I knew this painting would be between landscapes and abstractions, and I thought I had to show how people should paint. ”

joked the artist.

“But I saw a white owl in Latvia in winter. It made a big impression on me, and I painted it. Later I learned that they sometimes come to us when they are short of food in the north, but then return. New migratory birds, ”said Ludmila Procenko.

The exhibition has many animals, birds, flowers, bright landscapes and abstractions.

The exhibition will be open until September 12.

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