Arsenal reactivate their interest in Wilfried Zaha

    Arsenal reactivate their interest in Wilfried Zaha

    There are rumors that always come back, like those sporadic and pleasant summer romances, and one of them is the interest of Arsenal in the signing of Wilfried Zaha. But it is understandable, and it is that the parts seem to be condemned to understand each other because otherwise it would not make sense.

    Wilfried Zaha is one of the best footballers in the Premier League and has been maintaining that level for several consecutive seasons, but he has not finished taking the leap and leaving a Crystal Palace without greater aspirations than those of permanence.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring we find an emaciated fighter like Arsenal who, after several years being beaten up to the roof of his mouth, wants to raise his ranks and reign again in English and European football as he already did. yesteryear.

    No price, but with interest

    At the moment, neither of the two clubs has placed a figure on the table, but what is clear, according to sports media in England such as the Daily Star, is that the departure of the Ivorian coast is closer than ever before the need for Crystal Palace to collect money immersed in this tough economic crisis.

    For Arsenal, the arrival of a footballer of his level would be brutal. After the mini failure that the signing of Nicolas Pépé and Willian’s seniority has meant, a figure on the left-handed wing that can overflow, generate play, score goals, defend, impose his physique, associate with the rest of the attackers …

    Will this summer be the definitive transfer market for the London team to make a definitive use of the services of the African attacker?

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