Antoine Atallah left his job of president of the QLP

Antoine Atallah quitte ses fonctions de président du PLQ

Photo: Jacques Boissinot Archives The canadian Press
From left to right: member of parliament and chair of the liberal caucus Filomena Rotiroti; the interim leader of the PLQ, Pierre Arcand; and the president of the party, Antoine Atallah

The board of directors of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP), will meet as soon as Monday to find a successor to Antoine Atallah, who has resigned the presidency of the training on Friday ” for personal reasons “.

It had been reported that he was challenged to the house for having promoted his relatives to key positions within the party.

Thursday, however, Mr. Atallah was “still the confidence of the caucus” and the section presidents, had commented on the member for Saint-Laurent, Marwah Rizqy, in a scrum of press at the national Assembly.

This is the first vice-president of the party, Katherine Martin, who assumes the acting according to the statutes, but “it is the intention of the party to appoint quickly a new president,” said a source to the internal.

In a long letter sent to the first vice-president of the party on Friday morning, Mr Atallah said that the outcome of general elections of the 1st of October last was not what he had desired and that he assumes a share of the responsibility. He writes that the recent institutional reforms within the QLP have made it extremely bureaucratic, and that it is very difficult for an officer to volunteer to put in place a vision, an activist and follow up on them once in power.

The outgoing president stressed that the guiding principles of QLP is “fundamentally different” from those of other political formations. “Between the conservatism of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) and the authoritarian marxist, Québec solidaire (QS), there is a space for progressive dialogue in order to animate the public life of a vision that puts the economy at the service of the advancement of the social condition of our citizens “, he stated, adding that ” the social democracy in quebec has a need for recognition and pride “.

In a statement, the acting chief Pierre Arcand thanked Dr. Atallah for his dedication and says that he ” has chosen to leave his post for personal reasons “.

The presidency of Antoine Atallah will be completed in one week, on 8 march. 32-years-old, Antoine Tallah was elected to the presidency in November 2017. He was active in the party since the age of 17 years.


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