Another 33 were registered and there is a deceased woman

    Another 33 were registered and there is a deceased woman

    Today, 100 samples were analyzed in the laboratory (10 non-residents). From Junín, 67 were negative and 23 positive. In addition, 10 positive cases confirmed by clinical-epidemiological criteria are added according to the new protocol.

    The positive cases correspond to 17 women and 16 men. Of these 11 cases correspond to close contacts and 22 have a nexus under study.

    Non-resident suspected cases correspond to people from the town of Ascensión and Vedia.

    Today there are 106 suspects, of which 15 are close contacts of COVID + patients. The other people do not have an epidemiological history, but according to current criteria they are interpreted as suspected cases of COVID.

    We report that 25 people from our city were discharged, and 2 non-residents who were undergoing treatment in our town, who are considered recovered from COVID. In addition, a person from our town died, it is a woman of 70 years.

    Preventive isolates: 410

    Suspicious cases: 53

    Non-resident suspected cases (hospitalized in Junín): 2

    Confirmed cases: 173

    Confirmed non-resident cases (hospitalized in Junín): 7

    Recovered cases: 7688

    Non-resident recovered cases (hospitalized in Junín): 385

    Discarded cases: 9847

    Deaths: 229

    Completed preventive isolation: 7502


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