Anjou: Councilor Lynne Shand refuses to resign

Citizens who came to the borough council meeting in north-east Montreal on Tuesday night demanded, without success, the resignation of independent councilor Lynne Shand.

Last week, Ms. Shand was banned from her municipal party, Team Anjou, for comments on Muslim women she had made in social media a few days earlier.

She complained that she had been treated during an emergency consultation in ophthalmology by a specialist wearing the hijab. She was alarmed by what she saw as an Islamization of the country, before apologizing for what she said.

Tuesday night, when she first attended a council meeting since the outbreak of the controversy, Lynne Shand reiterated her intention to keep her position as councilor of the West Ward and apologized again, apologizing to the Muslim community whose several members were seated in the room.

The mayor of the Anjou district, Luis Miranda, who had announced the expulsion of Ms. Shand from his party, came to his rescue Tuesday night after citizens demanded the departure of the councilor. He said that a case of intolerance could not be settled by another form of intolerance before inviting the audience not to show aggression about the case.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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