Ani Halvadjian: Slavi, my dream has come true!

Ani Halvadjian: Slavi, my dream has come true!


One of the most famous publicists and a relative of Magi Halvadjian Ahavni Halvadjian commented on the draft cabinet proposed by the leader of “There is such a people” Slavi Trifonov in a live broadcast on Facebook.

“And I didn’t believe it would happen to me, but I’ll admit it: I like, I even like, the suggestions of Slavi Trifonov for the government!

He made my dream come true the other day, for ministers with serious education, diplomas from England and the United States, speaking several languages! I no longer believed it was possible!

Dano! “

This was written on Facebook by the cousin of the brothers Maggie and Judy Halvadjian, which made her one of the few people who expressed optimism towards the cabinet. Trifonov’s draft cabinet has suffered a lot of criticism over individuals linked to NMSS and MRF.

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