Angelina Jolie wants to sell her share of vineyard with Brad Pitt | showbiz

Angelina Jolie wants to sell her share of vineyard with Brad Pitt |  showbiz

CelebritiesAngelina Jolie (46) would love to break all existing ties with ex Brad Pitt (57). She would like to sell her share of their joint vineyard in France, but she needs the help of a judge for that. That writes TMZ.

Together with her ex Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie owns Chateau Miraval, a French vineyard and its wine brand. It is a special place for the couple, because in 2014 they got married there. But now that her relationship with the actor has been on the rocks for some time, Angelina wants to get rid of the property as soon as possible.

A look at Chateau Miraval. © Photo News

According to the actress, she first tried for two years to simply sell her share to Brad Pitt, but the two exes did not agree on the price and the terms. Jolie and Pitt’s divorce in 2016 “affected their ability to work together as business partners,” the actress’s lawyers wrote. Meanwhile, Angelina has found a potential buyer. But when they started the divorce proceedings, the judge ordered a ban on transferring their assets while the divorce is pending. That’s standard procedure, but Angelina now wants to get out of it so she doesn’t lose her buyer.

If the ban is not lifted, her buyer will not continue with the sale, her lawyers say. In addition, the actress will be “at Pitt’s mercy” until the judge decides on the remaining financial issues. The judge has yet to respond to Angelina’s request.


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