Andris Indāns will open the sound art installation “Siren’s Island” in the dam

Andris Indāns will open the sound art installation “Siren’s Island” in the dam

From July 20, the augmented reality composition “Siren’s Island” created by the artist Andris Indāns will turn AB Dambi into an invisible and sound-filled concert hall until the end of the year. The installation, created from 135 virtual “sound clouds”, with the help of a mobile application will allow everyone to move around in the composition and create a unique scenario for the development of the composition, the representatives of the art center “Noass” informed.

“Siren’s Island” is an interactive sound art installation implemented with locative media technologies, which, using a specially designed mobile application, will allow you to indulge in audio new discoveries at any time of the day. The installation consists of 135 virtual “sound clouds” with different radii, which overlap and are spatially organized in a joint composition. Each “sound cloud” has a separate sound element that is activated when the listener reaches its geographical coordinates (GPS). As the creators pointed out,

this sound installation is like a “Siren Ensemble”, whose individual voices can be mixed by the listener as they approach or move away.

Literally moving between these clouds, each mobile app user’s route will create a unique composition development scenario, while becoming both a listener for a sound art installation and a co-author of a new composition.

“The audio material on which the installation is based reflects the transformative feelings of the pandemic, when, accompanied by audible and inaudible sirens, the alarm condition was a constant phenomenon.

The image of sirens is not only a literal reference to warning and alarm devices, but also a figurative reference to the mythological sirens described in Homer’s “Odyssey”, which with their beautiful voices lured travelers to death, “the authors explained.

The author of the composition “Siren’s Island” Andris Indāns has been engaged in music and sound experiments since the late 80’s, his best-known electronic music project is “Gas Of Latvia” and he has also worked in the groups “First Latvians On Mars”, “Antarctica”, “Carthage” etc. Indāns is the author of several theater performances, films, video art projects, performances, sound installations. This is not the first time that Indāns has turned to the theme of “Siren’s Island” – in 1996, the group “Carthage” also released a cassette with this name.

The solemn opening of the installation will take place on July 20 at 19.00, which will be complemented by a special tour with the artist Andris Indāns at 19.30.

The sound art installation “Siren’s Island” was realized in cooperation with programmer Reini Indana, visual artist Krišs Zilgalvi ​​and art center “Noass” with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation’s target program “KultūrElpa” and Riga City Council.

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