An online petition to restrict the distribution of Publisacs

Une p├ętition en ligne pour restreindre la distribution des Publisacs

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Archives The Duty
The citizen Charles Montpetit, the instigator of the petition

Montrealers will finally request the holding of a public consultation on the distribution of Publisacs through an online petition.

The city clerk of the City of Montreal, Yves Saindon, has recognized the admissibility of the proposed petition submitted by the citizen Charles Montpetit.

This petition of the group request an amendment of the municipal regulations to restrict the distribution of flyers in the montreal area. She recommends that you do not allow the delivery of this advertising to residents who have accepted and who have posted a logo representing a circular surrounded by a blue circle.

The petition also calls for the replacement of plastic bags for the circulars by a packing which does not need to be separated from content to be recycled.

Any infraction should lead to the imposition of a fine, which is already foreseen in the current regulations, a reminder.

If, within three months, the number of signatures has reached 15 000 names, the City must hold a public consultation on the proposal.

This online petition is a first in Montreal since up to now, only the petition paper were allowed.

Present at the town hall on Wednesday, Charles Montpetit stressed that the law canada’s anti-spam already requires the permission of the citizens to receive the electronic advertisement. “It’s not as if we were asking for the Moon,” he said.

Mr. Montpetit has recalled 900,000 Publisacs were distributed each week to Montreal. “It is 500 tons of material, which then must be recycled. It is even more damaging to the environment than a circular virtual. It is time that we use the same principle as for the circular line. “

He also pointed out that Montreal had already banned some plastic bags in the shops.

Other details will follow.