Amnesty International: the Premier League is in danger of becoming a fool, if you allow the Saudis to buy Newcastle

The Director of the British branch of the international non-governmental organization Amnesty International Kate Allen advised the leadership of the English Premier League to block the sale of a “Newcastle UTD” for £ 300 million (€ 341 million) sovereign Fund from Saudi Arabia, which is controlled by the crown Prince of the country Mohammed bin Salman.

“I have my doubts that the owners and executives of a company seeking to acquire, “Newcastle United”, to meet the standards that protect the reputation and image of the game.

The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia may become the beneficial owner of Newcastle. What kind of positive impact on the image and reputation of the Premier League can we say?

The Premier League is in danger of becoming a fool, hiding behind a glamour and prestige to hide actions that are immoral from the point of view of international law and contrary to the values of the League and the world football community,” Allen was quoted by Goal.

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