American Tatum celebrates brand in NBA basketball – Prensa Latina

    American Tatum celebrates brand in NBA basketball – Prensa Latina

    The 23-year-old forward hit the mark last night in his team’s 145-136 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    However, the most outstanding thing for the young basketball player is having surpassed the mark set by a superstar like Larry Bird, a member of the Hall of Fame, who achieved the sporting feat when he had turned 26 years old.

    After finishing the game and after learning about his feat, Tatum said he was very happy and admitted that at his age it is very good to have starred in a job like that, so much so that he will never be able to forget it.

    With their victory, Boston ranks seventh in the Eastern Conference with 27 wins and 26 setbacks, 9.5 points behind the leading Brooklyn Nets (36-16), who this Saturday will measure forces against the Los Angeles Lakers, fifth in the West with 32-20.

    In that section, last night the Philadelphia Sixers and the Milwaukee Bucks, the Nets’ closest guards, were defeated.

    The Sixers, second at 35-17, were outscored 94-101 by the New Orleans Pelicans, while the Bucks lost 119-127 to the Charlotte Hornets.

    Victorious for their part, among other casts came the Washington Wizards, 110-107 executioners of the Golden State Warriors, and the Denver Nuggets, which led 121-119 to the San Antonio Spurts.

    In the first of those games, point guard Russell Westbrook led the Wizards with his 20th triple-double of the season, 19 points, 14 rebounds and an equal number of assists.

    Westbrook’s triple-double allows him to lead that section in the competition and add the number 167 of his career, remaining just 14 of the record held by the legendary Oscar Robertson, a member of the Hall of Fame that totals 181.

    For his part, in the second confrontation, Serbian center Nikola Jokic led the eighth success in a row for Denver, thanks to a triple-double, the 54th in his NBA career, now with 26 points, 14 assists and 13 rebounds.

    They also managed to go out through the wide door, the New York Knicks 133-129 at the expense of the Memphis Grizzlies and the Indiana Pacers 111-106 over the Orlando Magic.


    -Orlando Magic-Indiana Pacers 106-111.

    -Atlanta Hawks-Chicago Bulls 120-108.

    -Boston Celtics-Minnesota Timberwolves 145-136.

    -New York Knicks-Memphis Grizzlies 133-129.

    -New Orleans Pelicans-Philadelphia Sixers 101-94.

    -Milwaukee Bucks-Charlotte Hornets 119-127.

    -Denver Nuggets-San Antonio Spurs 121-119.

    -Golden State Warriors-Washington Wizards 107-110.

    -Los Ángeles Clippers-Houston Rockets 126-109.

    Saturday program:

    -Brooklyn Nets — Los Angeles Lakers.

    -Oklahoma City Thunder — Philadelphia Sixers.

    -Utah Jazz — Sacramento Kings.

    -Golden State Warriors — Houston Rockets.

    -Phoenix Suns — Washington Wizards.

    -Portland Trail Blazers — Detroit Pistons.


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