Alpine’s improvements to make Alonso competitive in Imola

    Alpine’s improvements to make Alonso competitive in Imola

    The French team wants to give a competitive car as soon as possible to Fernando Alonso to be able to focus on 2022. For that year, in which the long-awaited change of regulations that is called to end the dominance of Mercedes will come into force, Alpine promises to build the best car ever. For now, he has announced that the A521 will have improvements in Imola, where the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix will be held, the second race of the year.

    “There is an area that has changed in the regulations, which is a development area at the moment. Obviously it is the side of the floor and the diffuser. We did some test work and some in Bahrain and I have no doubt that we will do more work in the next races, everyone will do it too. It is an area that will change ”, Marcin Budkowski began by saying in Race Fans.

    We have a pretty respectable update package for Imola, so we are going to have more parts and more performance in the car at Imola. Usually, to the first races of the season, we will bring some new parts”, Has advanced the executive director of Alpine.

    Alpine will seek to hunt down Ferrari in Imola

    And, according to Marcin Budkowski, they have been surprised by McLaren, by Ferrari and by AlphaTauri. On the other hand, he considers that Aston Martin will also improve: “I think they are overdue right now, but I’m curious to see where they are in two or three races, because I think they are a great team, very well structured and very competent and clearly they have some problems that they will sort out.

    Regarding the new reality of Alpine, has stated: “You have McLaren that is strong, Alpha Tauri was strong, Ferrari was strong, a little stronger than we expected. Y then there is us and Aston Martin. Those I think are the teams from the middle zone ”. “Alfa Romeo is not far either, so everything is very, very tight. You can go from fifth to sixteenth place from one circuit to another and depending on the different conditions ”, added Marcin Budkowski.

    That is why improving the rear of the car to control downforce levels has become a priority for Alpine. “We are still two or three tenths away from actually fighting the people we intended to fight.”, Has recognized its executive director.

    Alonso has asked Alpine to improve

    Fernando Alonso also spoke recently of the need to improve the car aerodynamically. “It’s still difficult to draw conclusions after the first race. Especially since Bahrain has historically been a very specific circuit in terms of car performance. The order of the cars and the classifications has not always been the typical one for the rest of the year. I hope that it will take two or three more races to know for sure what the strengths and weaknesses of our team are, ”he said after the Bahrain Grand Prix. “For now we have had a very robust car, with zero mechanical problems and that has been able to offer us the opportunity to develop it and get to know it very well. It has been reliable. Aerodynamically it must be improved. You have to study it well and develop it. In two or three tenths you can become a sixth or seventh position car or become a fourteen or fifteen position car. We have the potential to improve and that is what we are going to try ”, added the two-time champion.

    Alpine wants to have the best car in 2022 without neglecting 2021

    And is that Alpine he must improve his car as his objective has not changed as Marcin Budkowski has admitted: “Our goal is, of course, to be in the front of this group rather than behind.. At the moment, I think we are in the middle ”. However, the true goal of Alpine It is about building the best car for 2022. This has been recognized by Laurent Rossi, CEO of the team: “What we want to do is continue to build what we haves. The Enstone team has changed a lot in recent years, working on a car that has reached its limits. It is a good car, it is not the best as we can see, but it is a good car. This does not mean that we want to extract the maximum in each race and also adjust the operation of the organization while we will make sure to build the best car ever for the next regulatory era”.

    Even so, Alain Prost, team advisor, has invited the team not to neglect this season: “Everyone talks about 2022, because everything is directed towards then, but to do your best in 2022 you have to have done your best in 2021, although the cars are not comparable. Team, environment, structure, motivations, synergies at the highest level since 2021 ”.

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