All the party dresses of the influencers this summer have the same brand in common

All the party dresses of the influencers this summer have the same brand in common

For a few months, there seems to be a pattern in the dresses that influencers are wearing at their summer parties: extremely sensual designs, with original patterns, made with fabrics that are both tight and sheer, generally in dusty tones, and that especially favor women curvy silhouettes. Then comes the irremediable question: whose dresses are they?

Well the answer is House Of CB, a British firm that is an example of what is known in business as a success story. And it is that from the most humble origins to the international brand level, barely 10 years have passed. Conna Walker, its founder, She started designing and selling dresses from her bedroom at the age of 17 back in 2010. As of 2021, in addition to the undeniable success of its website, it has physical stores spread throughout the United Kingdom and the United States.

This brand began with tight dresses as a hallmark, which celebrated the woman’s body by highlighting its forms instead of hiding them. From there it was expanding its range of products, among which are from the typical tracksuit oversize to knitted jumpsuits, leather pants, corset tops, swimsuits and bikinis, shoes or romantic dresses. All of their products are designed by hand in their London design studio. From sketch to store, everything is made from scratch by your own team.

Conna, who is currently 28 years old, is inspired for her creations by iconic women, daring curves and everything that empowers women, seeking that her clients feel both sexy and cobbled when they wear her designs. And it is that his desire was always to create a brand for real women who seek to highlight their femininity. Perhaps it was those precepts that conquered celebrities international like Beyoncé, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner or Jennifer López. But within our borders, the British brand has also garnered a legion of followers who do not hesitate to turn to it to look perfect at any event (or girls’ night) worth its salt.

Dulceida, Madame de Rosa, Mery Turiel, Marta Soriano, Rocío Osorno, Ana Matamoros, Alba Díaz… The list of influence homelands that have fallen for the charms of this brand (especially its sexy dresses) is quite long. Many are looking for the most viral designs this season, those dresses and tops with a bucolic air with puffed sleeves and a corset-like body that seem to have made series like The Bridgertons fashionable and that this British brand has managed to raise a level.


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