all hell breaks loose – Libero Quotidiano

all hell breaks loose – Libero Quotidiano

Giulia Salemi he wanted to say a few words about Raffaella Carrà, who died at 78 of lung cancer. The former competitor of the Big Brother Vip recalled the great showgirl on Twitter. The way he did it was not particularly liked by many. “I dedicate the first tweet with a blue check to the Queen of Queens #CiaoRaffaella”, wrote Giulia Salemi, who after Instagram got the famous badge also on Twitter.

However, many have found the gesture of web influence inappropriate. For many it was completely disrespectful towards Raffaella Carrà. “Respect for the deadSomeone replied. “Even today you missed the opportunity to shut up,” added others. Someone else instead argued: “What does the blue check have to do with the memory of Raffaella Carrà? He could very well have given her some nice words without putting the Twitter verified in the middle ”. There are those who tried to defend Giulia Salemi: “I think this tweet just turned out badly. He certainly did it naively ”.

In short, it did not go so well for the 28-year-old who has not yet replied to the criticisms. Recently Giulia Salemi had argued with Cecilia Rodriguez. Belen’s sister had publicly criticized her colleague for not having received any phone calls when Salemi began her relationship with Francesco Monte, ex Cecilia’s. The Argentine model had not appreciated the flirtation between Salemi and the brother Jeremias, which would have taken place in the same period in which Giulia was dating Andrea Iannone.

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