Alexey Popov urged the Russian fans of Formula 1 to be more respectful

Commentator Formula 1 Alexey Popov urged the Russian fans of Motorsport to show more respect to riders.

“In recent years more and more hatred. This is wrong. There is some extremism. In Formula 1 it is. Unfortunately, we have almost more than in the West. This strange way. It is clear that sports need to splash of emotions. But I was always game to root against. This catersto, this hatred of someone.

I saw a lot of this in connection with the departure of Vettel. The impression that many personally, Vettel didn’t give. “Finally!”, “Expelled!” and all epithets. And this is a very common point of view. His fans all the way around, that “vile “Ferrari” did not appreciate the Champ.

And so, to understand, to try to estimate from his point of view and from others point of view. Again, this is probably my fault. I always try wherever possible to give the floor to all parties to the process, all the characters and try to explain the most open mind. But I see that very often somehow finds its way to the hearts of the fans.

I understand that people can’t root for all the time – and I have the work of the commentator, I need to be objective. And I can’t do the same to demand from fans. But I can ask the fans to be fair to other racers. They risk life and limb, and, unfortunately, we see that it is not a figure of speech, it goes on and probably will continue. Because the minimum of respect, at least,” — said Popov in the podcast “the lights” on its official YouTube channel.

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