Alexey Popov: now God himself commanded to be Sirotkin in Renault

Commentator Formula 1 Alexey Popov shared their thoughts on the prospects of the ex-pilot “Williams” Sergey Sirotkin to get into the team “Reno” as a prize racer. According to the specialist, it will be difficult, but the chances still remain.

“Now God himself told him to be in “Reno”. He worked twice with the team before and after the season as a combat racer “Williams”. Daniel ricciardo leaves a place in the team is released. Naturally, competition for space is very high. There is a great and mighty Fernando Alonso, Renault have their young drivers. But still the place freely, and I wish he took Sergei.

If not, then there is a chance that George Russell will go on increasing in a Mercedes. Then there will be a free spot in “Willamine”. Why them again not to contact Sergey? From my point of view, he did a very important thing. There are riders who can’t properly leave the teams even after victories and titles. They start in one interview a little criticize, the other a little bit. Sergei had every reason to be dissatisfied, but never yourself it is not allowed. The team has already seen his speed, engineering understanding machine, which is not often found in young riders of the Junior series. And the main thing — that this human correctness in the relationship. Well, the “Williams” will forever languish at the end of the peloton. It’s a great team with many titles,” said Popov in the air “Match TV”.

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