Alexandre Devoise has 48 years : who is his wife, Anne-Laure ?

Alexandre Devoise a 48 ans : qui est sa femme Anne-Laure ?

This Saturday, may 23rd, the host, Alexandre Devoise is celebrating its 48 years. A birthday he will no doubt celebrate with Anne-Laure, a head of company, with whom he has two adorable children.

Alexandre Devoise, the co-host of Teleshopping on TF1, sharing his life with Anne-Laure Devoise, a head of the company that he has married and with whom he had two children. It is always with joy that he stands beside his sweetheart on the red carpet. In an interview with TV MAG, the one that was part of the emission Stars in the nude in January in order to raise awareness of breast cancer screening for women and prostate cancer in men was confiding on the cancer contracted by his wife. “My wife has had breast cancer two years ago so when I was passed a phone call telling me the preparation of a program around cancer including prostate and testicular, I say banco! In some way, I have supported my wife and at the same time, I hope to pass on a message”, said he.

The disease, a terrible ordeal for the one who has left his job as a real estate agent to found the company of My vines in the box allowing everyone to have a plot of vines, as revealed by our colleagues from Paris Match.

“I was not comfortable with the idea of show me nude “

However, Anne-Laure Devoise has not attended to the stripping of her husband on TF1 in the context of the issue presented by Arthur. ” For a history of the calendar, my wife has not been able to be there, and I admit I don’t have no more thrust to come “, he told TV MAG about this very difficult experience. ” As soon as the curtain is lowered, I am rather someone of reserved, shy. In “Stars to nu”, I was not comfortable with the idea of showing myself naked in front of everyone so to get there, it had to be done in as discreet a manner as possible “, revealed it yet.

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