Alexander Vasiliev appreciated the outfits of Elena Proklova

Alexander Vasiliev appreciated the outfits of Elena Proklova

The fashion historian gave his assessment of the outfits of the popular actress.

Elena Proklova. Photo: Global Look Press

The host of the program “Fashionable Sentence”, fashion historian, writer Alexander Vasiliev criticized the style and manner of dress of the actress Elena Proklova… At the same time, the master clarified that he treats the artist well, knows her as a very friendly and kind person.

“However, I will say that her outfits have no specific style and nothing to do with fashion. Although, it seems to me that Lenochka could buy herself anything: for the last two decades she has lived in full prosperity, ”said Alexander Vasiliev.

The historian of fashion and hairstyle Elena Proklova criticized her, drawing attention to her love for bangs.

“This is a typical hairstyle of middle-aged women from the 80s of the twentieth century, when they hid their wrinkles on their foreheads behind thin, sparse bangs. Lena’s bangs do not go at all, she will forgive her and send her back to the 1980s, ”noted Alexander Vasiliev.

He sees the main problem of the actress in the fact that she does not want to accept her age and still has not parted with the image of a seductive beauty, which all the men of the Soviet Union dreamed of.

Alexander Vasiliev. Photo:

“In my opinion, Lena has become a slave to her attractive appearance. Proklova categorically did not want to grow old. And plastic surgery led to the fact that her appearance has changed. Her nose, for example, has lengthened. Much has appeared from the fighter and from the hunter “, – assessed the appearance of the actress Vasiliev for the publication “7 days”.

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