“Agnes Buzyn, it is the insurance losing” : the puzzle of the majority to the municipal to Paris

“Agnès Buzyn, c’est l’assurance de perdre” : le casse-tête de la majorité pour les municipales à Paris

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A very low profile since his statements shock the “World”, Agnès Buzyn could be back on the front of the stage with the second round of the municipal. A prospect greeted very coldly by some members of the executive, reports “franceinfo”.

Agnès Buzyn has left the political scene on a bad note. In the aftermath of the first round of the municipal elections, the candidate for mayor of Paris, arrived in third position behind Anne Hidalgo, and Rachida Dati, unbosomed himself in the columns of the World. An interview in which she described the first round of voting of “masquerade”, causing the amazement of Walkers. While the date of the second round of the municipal has finally be fixed, the former minister of Health is again at the heart of all the queries.

Agnès Buzyn is she still the head of the list of the Republic on the 28th of June ? If the applicant has not yet pronounced on this subject, Stanislaus Guérini, delegate general of the presidential party, has ensured that the candidacy of the former minister “was absolutely not challenged”. The statements of Marlène Schiappa on France Inter, on may 20, however leave it to hover in doubt. Asked about this thorny issue, the secretary of State for equality of women and men stated that it did “not [have] information” to communicate.

An inevitable outcome ?

“If there was not a doubt, Marlène Schiappa is ‘avoiner'”, writes of his side as an elected paris to franceinfo . Still, some members of the executive, the continuation of the application of Agnès Buzyn seems inevitable, but highly damaging. “There is no solution. Agnès Buzyn, it is the insurance losing, but given a very short time, no one has more desire today to replace the successor, explains one of them. The suspense should come to an end shortly, as will next week step in the composition of the lists and possible mergers in view of the second round.

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