After the failure crève-coeur on Saturday, the Impact wants to focus on the positive

Après l’échec crève-coeur de samedi, l’Impact veut se concentrer sur le positif

Photo: David J. Phillip Associated Press
The impact has suffered a defeat, this Saturday, march 9, against the Dynamo in Houston.

A heart-breaking defeat in a hostile environment does not mean that it is necessary to start all over again, and this is a little message that wanted to deliver Rémi Garde, Tuesday morning.

Some 72 hours later, the head coach of the Montreal Impact had had time to digest the reverse of 2-1 at the hands of the Dynamo in Houston on Saturday. A failure has occurred in the aftermath of a goal from Mauro Manotas conceded in the 86th minute of the game.

“It is always unpleasant, because in five minutes, while rocking in a judgment is very negative when we lose a game,” noted Guard, before directing the first training session of the week.

“If you come back with a point from Houston, it is said that it is a very good start of the season, and this is what I said at the end of the game,” added head coach French. It is not necessary to accept this defeat, it must be analyzed. It is necessary to try to find the real reasons. But it should not erase all that has been done since the beginning of the season. It is necessary to lean over and work on, always. This is the question each week of a footballer. “

It is also a bit of a speech that held the defender Zacharia Diallo in front of the journalists gathered in the Centre Nutrilait.

“I think we deserved a [match] no, but that is, in the end, we have taken this goal. We need to keep working, especially not relax and stay mobilized. It is necessary to stay strong and make a good result to Orlando [Saturday], ” said Diallo.

Excess of confidence

The defeat Saturday in Houston, a city where the Impact has never won since its entry into MLS, appeared to be all the more disappointing that the players felt confident and full of energy before flying to Texas.

However, it was rather seen as a training low-energy in the beginning of the game, even though it was the first to register the score with Saphir Taïder, in the 34th minute.

“We ran out of momentum almost the whole game, has corroborated Guard before you make a flat.

“It’s a game very, very, very weird because I didn’t have the impression that the opponents were capable of a change of pace. The heat, the humidity, the ground was very dry, the ball was hanging, he then described. It was seen that the players had to touch two or three times before the master to put it to the ground. All this has contributed to slow down the game and, from the beginning of the match, it was not felt that it was very leg. “

For his part, Samuel Piette was of the opinion that the club fared better in the second half, but it may have been a little too reckless.

“At the half, we talked about it, it was 1-1, and the speech from the coach was : “One is able to get the three points, but if late in the game, we can see that it happens a little less, so we closed and we are going to look for the point” a “, said the midfielder of Le Gardeur.

“Personally, I think that we played better in the second half, we had more control. We have not necessarily created more opportunities, but I think that we saw that we could maybe go and look for these three points. Therefore, we may not be poorly managed the game can be a little too pushed, and we made to take to the end on a goal. Perhaps we would have had to be a little more intelligent, close a little more, play a little more cautiously. “

Rumors quashed

Before getting back on the defeat against Houston, Rémi Garde has been called to respond to the rumors that speak of the interest that would be Olympique lyonnais in its place.

“From my side, I démens any recent contact with Lyon. I have rather the feeling that it is information that has been created of all parts. I have contacts with my friends in Lyon, including Bruno Génésio on his staff and players to encourage them before the big game tomorrow [Wednesday], ” said the Guard, referring to the duel against FC Barcelona in the Champions League.

While he is preparing a team day after day for the schedule of the MLS, the Guard said not to be disturbed by such rumors.

“Not at all. I have other concerns as a coach in the aftermath of a match where we lost, where we didn’t have the desired performance, as thinking of things which, I repeat, for I have no place to be “, he decided.