AEW: Confirmations on the negotiation with CM Punk, new details

AEW: Confirmations on the negotiation with CM Punk, new details

In these hours the interesting news of a real negotiation between the AEW e CM Punk. The former WWE champion gave his wrestling goodbye several years ago when he left WWE in full controversy. Nevertheless Punk returned in 2019 to collaborate with the company, acting as a commentator in the WWE Backstage program, strongly desired by Fox to give a name of weight to the parterre of Renee Young.

Important confirmations

According to the authoritative Wrestling Observer, the AEW e CM Punk they have been talking for some time, even if he has not been able to provide more details on the progress of the negotiations. This is a second confirmation from one of the most authoritative American pro wrestling newspapers, which tells us a lot about the validity of the rumors reported in the first line by Fightful.

In reality the information published by Fightful they went even further. According to them, some WWE executives would be aware and convinced that CM Punk will soon end up in AEW. Details that Meltzer has not heard on the contrary to confirm.

CM Punk vs Billy Gunn, the last single match fought by Punk in WWE. Gunn works right now at AEW

CM Punk’s last time in the ring

CM Punk’s last appearance in the ring was in January 2014, when the Chicago wrestler fought his last Royal Rumble. On that occasion it became clear to him that he would not be given a cartel match in the WrestleMania main event and this was the last straw that added to a long overflowing pot. At the age of 42, CM Punk evidently would have a lot to give to wrestling again, being at an age where it is still possible to fully live a wrestler career. We’ll see if he decides to accept the challenge and finally return to a wrestling ring, whatever it is.

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