“Admiral” will play in the KHL, Juventus may have to sell Ronaldo. Top news of the day

HC “Admiral” will cease to exist, the player of Italian football club told about life in the country in a pandemic coronavirus, Ronaldo could leave Juventus in the published photos form the team at the season-2020/2021. Top news of the day the selection of “Championship”.

1. “Admiral” will not take part in the draw of the KHL next season. The funds provided for the financing of the club will be forwarded to the reserve Fund of Primorye to the activities to combat the pandemic coronavirus.

2. “Two nurses in Italy has committed suicide! It is difficult to see so many deaths.” Ukrainian midfielder “Atalanta” Ruslan Malinowski spoke about the situation in Italy on the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

3. Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva has published another video. In it she danced to the song of the Russian group Little Big and sat on the twine.

4. Financial losses caused by Juventus in a pandemic coronavirus, can make the management of the Turin club to sell striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

5. “Fight Habib and Ferguson will be on April 18th somewhere on this Earth.” UFC President Dana white shared his thoughts about the UFC 249, the main event is the match of the champion of UFC Habib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson.

6. Amsterdam Ajax have terminated the agreement with the midfielder by Abdelhak Nouri, who suffered a heart attack in 2017 and since then has not competed in a field.

7. Published photos of the new home and away kits of the game form the team at the season-2020/2021.

8. “Ray” will stop performances in the national Football League and will play in the 3rd division. The club will play only local students.

9. In Russia the number of cases in the result of infection with coronavirus infection has increased over the day (March 31) 500. Currently, the total number of cases is 2337, of whom recovered 121. Recorded eight deaths. For all time died on 17 people.

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