Adam Silver reassesses the ‘complicated’ relationship between the NBA and China

    Adam Silver reassesses the ‘complicated’ relationship between the NBA and China

    Before the blow that supposed and continues to suppose the pandemic for the NBA at an economic level, the League already had to deal with an obstacle from day one of last year. The well-known tweet of Daryl Morey speaking in favor of the independence of Hong Kong with respect to the People’s Republic of China brought with it a cessation of relations between the Asian nation and the NBA itself.

    After more than a year and a half, the possible monetary impact that would have caused the absolute disappearance of negotiations has been cushioned to some extent. What’s more, emissions have returned to a remarkable flow with the arrival of this season. However, this is not the only delicate point that the League has to grapple with when it comes to integrating into the Chinese market. League commissioner Adam Silver and the famous former coach of the US team and current Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke about this in the latter’s podcast.

    In addition to the incident with Morey, the manager has addressed many other issues in a fairly comprehensive statement. “It’s complicated. We are an American company and we have to adhere to the policies that our government has taken with respect to China. Whether it’s the Trump or Biden administration, they’re interested in focusing on trade [interior]. At the end of the day we are a product to export ”. Silver is primarily concerned with how the recent trade war and the individualism of both markets affect the globalization of the NBA, which has inherently North American traits.

    “For my goal, which is to improve people’s lives through basketball, continuing with our operations in China is entirely consistent. But now this relationship is more complicated than it has been since we wove relationships since the 2008 Olympics. [Beijing]”. Nor was he wasting the opportunity to contribute his vision. For Silver “the future of our world depends on two superpowers like the United States and China finding a way to work together.”

    To close the conversation, the commissioner left an interesting analysis of NBA consumer trends in the Asian country. “Right now we are not appearing on CCTV – the Chinese state television that regulates all programming. But we do broadcast our matches on the platform streaming of Tencent – Chinese technology company and global economic behemoth. As I said, it is important for us, culturally, to continue maintaining these relationships ”.

    (Cover photo by Takashi Aoyama / Getty Images)

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