AC Milan vs Parma | See LIVE, ONLINE AND THROUGH TV Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s painting for the date 30 of Serie A

    AC Milan vs Parma | See LIVE, ONLINE AND THROUGH TV Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s painting for the date 30 of Serie A

    The AC Milan He had the advantage at the beginning of the season, but with the passing of the dates he gave important points that gave him the possibility to Inter de Milan, his classic rival in the city, to win the top of the table. Now, the rossoneros need a miracle to win this season of the A league.

    The painting commanded by Zlatan Ibrahimovic add 60 points, 11 from Inter of Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal who has everything to win in this Calcio course. Besides, on the last date signed a meager draw against Sampdoria, which further increased the distance between the two rival clubs.

    Similarly, they cannot rest on their laurels as a result of their position in the general table, which currently has Milan classified for the next UEFA Champions League. However, the difference with the other qualified clubs is minimal and continuing to lose points could lead to Napoli stealing their space in the biggest tournament in Europe.

    On the following day they face Parma, who are fighting not to lose the category. Parmesans are in the penultimate position with 20 units. They still have a chance to save themselves but they need to start adding urgently to catch up with Torino, who have 24 points and touch the red zone.

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    Day and time: When do AC Milan vs Parma play for Serie A?

    AC Milan vs Parma will play this Saturday, April 10 at 12:00 hours in Chile.

    Television: Who broadcasts and on which channel to watch AC Milan vs Parma live?

    The duel will be broadcast by ESPN 3. Check the signal according to your cable operator:

    ESPN 3

    VTR: 153 (SD) – 842 (HD)

    DTV: 626 (SD) – 1626 (HD)

    ENTEL: 216 (HD)

    CLARO: 176 (SD) – 476 (HD)

    GTD/TELSUR: 86 (SD) – 854 (HD)

    MOVISTAR: 495 (SD) – 887 (HD)

    TU VES: 108 (HD) – 512 (HD)

    ZAPPING: 92 (HD)

    Online: Where to watch live by streaming?

    The online broadcast will be available at Zapping Y ESPN Play.

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