AC Milan set a goal at cost 0 at Inter

    AC Milan set a goal at cost 0 at Inter

    Days ago, the Italian media reported on a meeting between agent Vincenzo Pisacane and several leaders of the AC Milan. At that time, it was ensured that the main objective of the meeting was to study a possible landing of Lorenzo Insigne in the painting Red-black.

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    Well, according to account now RAI Sport, the reality is quite another. Apparently, during their meeting, both parties talked about the situation of a soccer player from Inter de Milan, the Italian Danilo D’Ambrosio (32 years). The versatile defender is completely liked by the Lombard coach, the transalpine Stefano Pioli.

    Option at cost 0

    In addition to his aforementioned versatility (he can act as a right-handed, central and even interior winger) and his enormous accumulated experience, the Neapolitan is attractive to the Milanese due to the fact that he ends his contract in June and can change the scene at no cost.

    Aware of what is happening, the Inter board of directors has decided to mobilize and offer renewal to a player who, despite being no longer indisputable, does play a relevant role in Antonio Conte’s plans. Since he landed on the team Nerazzurri, the defender accumulates 228 official matches (20 goals and 17 assists).

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