A teacher from the United States conducted a geometry lesson in Half-Life Alyx

While the world faces an epidemic of coronavirus, students moved on to distance learning. Games help them to learn something new and study favorite subjects, even in complete isolation. Some teachers are so imbued with all this virtual theme that began to hold their lessons in popular games. A teacher of geometry Charles CUMBER from San Diego, for example, conducted a lesson in the newly released Half-Life Alyx.

In order to conduct the lesson in Half-Life Alyx, the teacher used the window markers and a sponge that are available in the house at the start of the game. You see, those lessons get much more interesting than lessons in a stuffy classroom. No wonder they say that the games of the future and the present. For virtual and augmented reality may be the future of education.

If you cannot view the video, you can see it in the official channel geometry teacher in Charles CUMBER in YouTube.


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