A strike welcomed by the ministers of the Environment

Une grève saluée par les ministres de l’Environnement

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Several tens of thousands of people have participated last November in a demonstration in Montreal to demand more ambitious measures to combat climate change.

The ministers of the Environment of Quebec and of Canada, Benoit Charette and Catherine McKenna, claim to support the students who have decided to take part in the international movement of strikes planned on Friday to demand action against climate change far more ambitious.

Contacted by The Duty, the offices of the two ministers responsible to coordinate the climate policies of government welcomed the commitment of the young people, and this, even if they have to leave the classroom on march 15, to protest.

“The minister appreciated the efforts by students to raise awareness and guide the good behaviors that you can adopt in the context of climate change,” noted the press secretary of the minister, Benoit Charette, Louis-Julien Dufresne. “In this sense, the minister is delighted to see the young people of Quebec to join their voices to the youth international which is mobilizing behind this issue which is important for the entire society “, he added, in a written reply.

63 469

Number of students of cegeps and universities of Quebec who will be on strike Friday to demand climate action ambitious. This number does not include secondary school students who are going to disengage, or the faculty and staff who voted for the strike. Other votes are expected here on Thursday.

The minister Charette does not intend to participate in one of the events planned Friday. He did, however, want to ” maintain an open dialogue with the different stakeholders of the student concerned by climate issues “.

His firm has also confirmed on Tuesday that he “would agree” to meet with the spokespersons of the movement ” The planet is invited to the university “, which coordinates the one-day general strike scheduled for Friday. They were scheduled to meet Tuesday evening to decide on the holding of such a meeting. Their decision was not known at the time when these lines were written.

One thing is certain, the movement has already targeted the “practical issues” for the government of Quebec, including the need to put an end to ” any form of project related to the exploitation and transport of fossil fuels on its territory “. Their claims refer to the oil and gas projects in the Gaspé peninsula and the export project of natural gas in alberta Energy Saguenay.

In its response to the questions of Duty, the office of Mr. Charette for his part, stressed that” it is increasingly clear that the population wants to go through the stage of symbolic steps draped in the rhetoric. For example, the efforts that account to deploy our government in the collective transport sector will produce tangible and measurable results “.

McKenna approves

The Trudeau government has also offered its support to canadian students who plan to go on strike. “The minister fully supports the actions in the fight against climate change. It is, after all, about the future of our children and our grandchildren “, said the press officer Catherine McKenna, Sabrina Kim.

“The minister has met many young activists for climate action in his or her constituency and she is always open to ideas and commitment of the young people in this matter,” she added.

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The federal government has at the same time praised his ” plan climate “. “Our plan is working and, every day, we are working on its implementation, and we will continue to see real results. “

Ottawa has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, a decrease of 30 % compared to 2005. This is the same objective that was put forward by the former conservative government of Stephen Harper. If the world was in line with this target, the global warming would increase to 3 °C to 4 °C over the course of the next few decades, according to the organization Climate Transparency. The Paris Agreement on a limit of 1.5 °C or even 2 °C.