A. Safronov: the Cup still to play. Throw away the season is disrespectful

Former General Manager of the Russian team, HC MVD Moscow “Dynamo” Andrey Safronov commented on the abolition of the KHL season due to the coronavirus.

“About the cancellation of the playoffs and the whole season learned with regret. It is clear that currently can not play it — the virus spreads further, new measures of security. But sooner or later the situation will change for the better, and just throwing away the season is disrespectful to treat our hockey. I believe that the Cup still need to play it to determine its owner. Yes, hockey will be in the summer. But what competitions we will have during this period? No. Only the NHL plans to continue the season, and rightly so.

Let’s see now, in our “Match TV” show Belarusian football League. In the absence of any tournaments even she is of interest! The Gagarin Cup in the same way will cause additional interest not only in Russia but in many countries, because people at that time starve the spectacle,” — said Safronov.


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