A race for the race

    A race for the race

    Qualifying sprint is what is coming in Formula 1. Although they have not yet confirmed it, the unofficial information is that there has already been an agreement with the teams to implement this new system on three dates.

    Well, what is it about? Basically, it would be: a free test on Friday, then qualifying! Yes, already Friday. Q1, Q2 and Q3. Then on Saturday, a free test and then a race! A 100 km run on Saturday. And on Sunday, the traditional race in which the grid will be ordered according to how the positions finished in the sprint on Saturday. This would take place in Silverstone, Monza and Interlagos.

    The OK would have been given after an economic agreement, in which Liberty Media would pay 420,000 euros to the teams in terms of repairs, since this would expose the cars to a greater risk of accidents before Sunday’s race.

    Judging by the performances of the first date, I think that perhaps the least favored are those powered by Ferrari. The traditionalists do not agree at all, but, yes, we must admit that there will be more shows on the weekend. And you, do you agree? In this video I give my opinion, analyze and tell more details about it.

    A race for the race

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