A possible museum of the seventh art in the old Paris Cinema

A possible museum of the seventh art in the old Paris Cinema

Building of the old Paris Cinema, in Calle Real VICTOR ECHAVE

It seems recently, on the part of the municipal government, a growing zeal and sensitivity towards our city, our idiosyncrasy, with our most beloved places or with those buildings that despite being, or others have been, impregnated with the essence of a strong Coruñés spirit, they have been underestimated and despised on too many occasions, erasing them without any qualms from the face of the earth, either by previous councilors of the Council, or other local, provincial or autonomous public entities.

Such reflection comes to mind due to the news that appeared in the media that Inditex has closed this month the Pull & Bear store located in Calle Real 8, a building in which the emblematic Paris Cinema was located, inaugurated as Paris Hall on June 17 of 1908, reopened on February 2, 1951 as Cine Paris, which remained in operation until its definitive closure in 1999. It became the oldest active projection room in Spain and was a true benchmark for cinephiles from A Coruña.

In this city, too many values ​​have been devastated dismantling mythical precincts full of history that, being authentic architectural jewels and undeniable patrimonial legacies of our predecessors, were demolished without the slightest respect or consideration. It is a blushing sadness to note that splendid buildings such as the old Hotel Atlántic, which completed a perfect set of three modernist buildings of unparalleled beauty, was demolished in 1967, or the Theater-Circus, inaugurated in 1903 and unfortunately demolished twelve years later, It also bore the name of the famous writer Emilia Pardo Bazán, a noble lady from Coruña, seduced by the magic of the incipient cinema. Also that jewel of art deco that was the Savoy Cinema, inaugurated in 1931, was the victim of the picket for “crematist ideals”, or on a lesser scale the Equitativa or the Avenida, once a meeting point for many generations of A Coruña.

Now, although it is evident that with much less architectural weight, but with a great load of historical feeling, the building number 8 on Calle Real has the sign for Rent. Can’t it be time for a rescue? A Coruña has been, and is, a cinematographic city. The delegations for Galicia of the large national film distributors have been here for decades. International activities such as film festivals, conversations, debates, colloquia and a long etc. have been developed. about the seventh art. It exists in private collections interesting and very valuable documents of what was the Contest of Cinema of Humor, the International Festival of La Coruña and The Contest of the Cinema of the Sea, among other events, as well as the passage through our city of actresses, actors, directors, scriptwriters, editors, photographers or renowned critics and envoys of numerous national and foreign magazines. There were notable previews promoted by cinema-clubs and cinematographic associations, where a good number of notable councilors and commentators have participated in colloquia.

We have a cinematographic curriculum that many localities would proudly display and we are the headquarters of production companies that, at a higher or lower level, have the streets of Coruña as their set. The memory is diluted and the memory fades, for that reason I think it is necessary to constitute an entity similar to a house-museum where this material, these memories, this present that will be a past in the future has a place…. our history. It would be magnificent if the City Council contemplated the idea of ​​rescuing as headquarters for a similar project, that number 8 of Calle Real, where at least Inditex has seen fit to preserve the façade with the nostalgic Cinema Paris sign.


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