A new velodrome inside to Bromont

Un nouveau vélodrome intérieur à Bromont

Photo: Felipe Dana Associated Press
Hugo Barrette won gold in the sprint race at the pan american Games of 2015 raced at the velodrome in Milton, Ontario.

Since the destruction of the olympic track at the velodrome in Montreal thirty years ago, there was more of velodrome covered in Quebec. For 2020, the national Center of cycling of Bromont (CNCB) promises to remedy the situation by launching a new velodrome inside.

The proposed construction in Bromont counts on a budget of less than $ 10 million. In comparison, the olympic velodrome in Montreal, long the largest in the world, total cost was $ 86.5 million in 1976, equivalent to 381 million in 2019.

But this construction is modest could change the lives of many cyclists and revive a passion that used to be very bright for this sport. For years, Quebecers must go abroad to get to the velodrome. Since 2015, they go to the best in Milton, Ontario, a track built with the help of the federal government at a cost of 63 million.

Without being able to rely on a velodrome in Quebec, a star like the colossus Hugo Barrette, specialist in the speed events, double gold medalist at the pan american Games, should go abroad like other for years. Thursday, Barrette was eliminated in one of the competitions of the world track Championships which take place Puskow, Poland.

Nicolas Legault, the executive director of the CNCB, has been able to announce this week that the proposed velodrome covered in Bromont will be completed by 2020.

A private donation

The overall budget was able to be completed thanks to a donation of 2 million of the family Foundation of canada-israeli Sylvan Adams, an avid cyclist and age of 59 years.

Adams managed Iberville Developments limited, one of the largest owners of real estate in Québec, now led by his son Josh. He is the co-owner of the Israel Cycling Academy, a professional cycling team. In 2018, he has managed to make a start for the first time the Tour of Italy, one of the three major cycling races in the world, in Israel, his adopted country since 2015. It has also financed the construction of a velodrome in Tel Aviv, which now bears his name.

This gift, which is actually covering one-fifth of the cost of a new velodrome quebec allows the donor to see the name style of the building. “Adams now lives in Tel Aviv, but this is Bromont that he had a passion first for track cycling,” explains Nicolas Legault.

The Quebec government finance the building to the tune of $ 4.5 million. In 2016, Quebec had refused an initial request for assistance of $ 2.6 million of the CNCB, in the framework of a support program for sports and recreational facilities. The City of Bromont promises for its share of $ 2 million.

But where is the part of the federal government ? “It is true that Ottawa has not shown up here of interest for our project. They have not shipped. We try to revive “, said Nicolas Legault, adding that” there are also ads of private sponsors to announce “.

In September 2014, the business man Louis Garneau had, for example, that is launched Having a cri du coeur for the construction of a velodrome.

“It’s the press ! It is necessary that men of affairs gather for it. Me, I’m ready to put them all on the first $ 100,000. “Asked to comment on the announcement of this new velodrome for The Duty, the businessman indicated that he was not available. For the moment, he is not on the list of private donors of the future velodrome, confirms Nicolas Legault.

Construction and tradition

The architectural firm Duquette has made sketches prior to the construction of the velodrome of Bromont. Subject matter expertise is rare.” It is certain that, for the vélodromes, the buildings are rare, ” explains the Duty of the architect André Mercier. Calls for tenders should be launched.

The new sports facility will reuse the old track of the Atlanta olympic Games. She had been moved to Bromont in 2001, for use in the summer.

For a century, Québec has been the canadian centre of track cycling. In 1899, the velodrome multifunction Verdun had hosted the world Championships. In 1928, a new velodrome had been built at Montreal, Jarry park. Until 1942, were built each year, inside the Forum, tracks to host cycling competitions. We will do the same at Centre Paul-Sauvé at the Colisée in Quebec city. There are also other tracks in Quebec throughout the Twentieth century.

In 1974, Montreal had another velodrome, this time to host, near the University of Montréal, the world Championships, a sort of prelude to the Olympics of 1976.