“A huge responsibility weighs on them” : Kate Middleton and William, too little assisted by Meghan and Harry

« Une énorme responsabilité pèse sur eux » : Kate Middleton et William trop peu aidés par Meghan et Harry

The Face of the crisis of coronavirus Covid-19, the royal family of England is mobilized to reassure his subjects. Considered as persons at risk because of their age, the queen, her husband prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are unable to honour the responsibilities of their duties royal. It is, therefore, now Kate Middleton and William, who, neglected by Meghan and Harry, are sent only to the front, noted a commentator to Express.co.uk.

This Wednesday, march 25, Clarence House announced the contamination of prince Charles to the coronavirus Covid-19. Now confined to Scotland, the prince of Wales can no longer afford to come into contact with his subjects, who even had to forego the presence of Camilla Parker Bowles. At the age of 93 years, the queen has found her husband the duke of Edinburgh, 98 years old, at Windsor castle. Because of their great age, both have decided to limit their travel and exercise caution. Only remain so Kate Middleton and William , who are now facing a “huge responsibility“.

In fact, the couple, now indispensable to the queen, is first in line to reassure the English, says the commentator royal Richard Fitzwilliams, to express.co.uk. “Their movements are carefully monitored by the press and the social networks, and they are convinced that they would be able to raise the spirits of the English, while respecting the security measures recommended by the government.” So far, in the face of so many responsibilities, the Cambridge would have perhaps liked to be able to count on the support of Sussex, “but as they have chosen to go abroad“, William and Kate will have to fend for themselves, says the specialist.

Prince William learns to impose in the absence of the queen and Charles

The help of Meghan and Harry would have it, however, was the welcome ? A few days Megxit and while tensions remain extremely tense between the two couples, the British consider that they “no longer need” of the parents of little Archie. In addition, the prince William seems perfectly master of the situation.The young man 37-year-old has already proven in speaking to the nation, by video interposed, last week,before going to visit first aiders in london with his wife. A true monarch in the making !

« Une énorme responsabilité pèse sur eux » : Kate Middleton et William trop peu aidés par Meghan et Harry

The Cambridge and Sussex in their last common commitment, to the abbey of Westminster, on 9 march, 2019. Agence / Bestimage


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