A Canadian Strategy to Give a Hand to the Poor

Speaking in Granby part of the day Tuesday, the federal Minister of Family, Children and Social Development Jean-Yves Duclos, accompanied by the Member of Parliament for Shefford Pierre Breton, outlined the Canadian Reduction Strategy. poverty.
C it focuses on three benefits implemented one after the other during the first term of the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau.

When all of these measures are in effect, the Canada Child Benefit (CAC), the Canada Allowance for Workers (ACT) and the Canada Housing Allowance (CSA) will, according to the Minister, middle-class families receive up to $ 17,000 more annually.

“Shefford County is a very typical middle class environment. It’s in environments like this that our investments make a bigger difference, “said Minister Duclos.

The minister praised his government for taking out 825,000 Canadians out of poverty. In the Shefford riding alone, that represents 4,000 people, including 1,200 children, Breton said.

The proportion of Canadians living below the poverty line rose from 12.1% to 9.5% between 2015 and 2017. “At over 20%, this is the largest drop in the poverty line, and the lowest rate in four years, “he argued, attributing much of the decline to the creation of the Canada Child Benefit, introduced in 2016 and indexed each year to inflation.

To illustrate this reality, Mr. Breton cited the case of a single mother in the riding, whose benefits from the ACE allowed her to obtain an extra $ 13,000 a year to improve her quality of life and that of her mother. his two young children. “It completely changed his life,” says the local MP, recognizing, however, that more work needs to be done to reach the government’s target of reducing the country’s poverty rate by 50%.

Nearly 75,000 other Canadians will be able to join the middle class thanks to the new Canada Allowance for Workers, “said Minister Duclos.

Minister Jean-Yves Duclos praised his government for lifting 825,000 Canadians out of poverty. In the Shefford riding alone, that represents 4000 people, including 1200 children, said Pierre Breton.

This financial assistance, available since April 1, should support nearly two million citizens who work on a low or part-time basis. “And it also has the effect of encouraging them to remain in the labor market,” said the member for the riding of Quebec.

More affordable housing

Next spring, another measure will help 300,000 Canadian families receive up to $ 2,500 a year for housing.

Mr. Duclos recalled that having a roof and a healthy home is part of the basic living conditions to flourish. “Having no housing complicates children’s development, [makes it difficult to] find and maintain a job,” he said. The Canada Housing Allowance is also very important in our homelessness plan. ”

Remember that the National Housing Strategy aims to halve chronic homelessness nationally by 2028.

Asked by La Voix de l’Est , Minister Duclos confirmed that the allowance will be accompanied by federal subsidies to build housing over the next eight years, especially when we know that in Granby alone, it would take at least 300 additional housing units.

“We are talking about $ 55 billion by 2028 to help homeowners build homes and improve their energy efficiency. We also want to invest in community housing, “said the minister who announced earlier this month the creation of a resource center to support the latter initiative.

To ensure accessibility to housing, the Minister also announced the creation of a federal housing advocate position. Its mandate will be to survey Canada and listen to all social groups to identify the housing needs of Canadians.

It will then have to make recommendations to which the government will have to respond. “We must ensure that communities receive the support of the government to reduce the barriers to access to housing,” said Mr. Duclos, referring in particular to people with disabilities, with mental health issues, drug addicts or isolated seniors.

Supported Seniors

In the early morning of Tuesday, Minister Duclos and Mr. Breton first met with representatives of some 60 community organizations, elected officials and members of the riding’s business community at the Granby Zoo.

After a briefing with the local media, the duo of Liberal elected officials later visited the SOS D├ępannage facilities before going to the Granby Caregiver Home, where Mr. Duclos gave a short speech for recall the initiatives of his government to improve the quality of life of seniors, including the return of the age of eligibility for the Old Age Security pension to 65 – in 2012, the previous government announced that it would gradually at age 67 between 2023 and 2029 -, the enhancement of the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) for unattached individuals and the increase in Quebec pension plans and the federal pension.

Since seniors aged 65 and over account for 3.9% of the 9.5% of Canadians living in poverty, according to 2017 data, Ottawa announced in its most recent budget the increase in income that can be exempted calculation of the GIS. That would sometimes be several thousand dollars more in the pockets of seniors living alone, said Mr. Duclos. Moreover, all persons eligible for the guaranteed income supplement will now be automatically registered to receive their benefit, he argued.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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