A break difficult to collect

Une rupture difficile à encaisser

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
Catherine Fournier supports have no hope about the ability of the PQ to turn, especially because the party would be, paradoxically, “resistant to change”.

Catherine Fournier knew that its departure of the Parti québécois (PQ) would make waves. But it certainly had not anticipated their ” virulence “… no more than pq members call into question his “maturity” so that they celebrated two days earlier his youth.

“The people at PQ want so much to have young people, they were so happy to have a young woman with them “, said member of parliament Wednesday in a long interview with the Duty in his riding office in Longueuil. “But the moment I ask this gesture very thoughtful, it calls into question my maturity, there is a reference to my age. It makes me ask questions. “

“I don’t think these comments would have come if I had been older, and perhaps a man, she suggests. It is as if a woman of 26 years was not able to make a big decision. “Ms. Fournier also denounces that since Monday,” some argue that people are behind my decision, that I would be the puppet of these people. I am disappointed to hear that “.

Jean-Martin Aussant, of which Mrs. Fournier is close to, has felt the need on Wednesday to correct “wild imaginings that go in every direction” and specify that it did not ” hypnotized Catherine Fournier for her to take the decision to sit as independent “.

To understand the shock caused in the family pq by his resignation sensational — and his findings, pithy on the party, we must recall the important place that Catherine Fournier was the PQ, since its election in 2016. During the last election campaign, a number of gatherings have, for example, featured as a symbol of a PQ that does not speak to the white heads that filled most of the rooms.

Warmly applauded then, here we are today houspillée by the same family, stung to the quick by the findings of Catherine Fournier, on a PQ which would have lost all relevance. She was surprised at the backlash because she has not denied her own beliefs and principles separatists, she said.

“It is for the advance that I have chosen to do this. […] But the moment I say that, unfortunately, despite everything the PQ has done well — and I don’t question the achievements that have been made — the moment when I say that the future has to move on somewhere else, many me vilipendent. Out of the bubble of the PQ, the messages I receive are positive. But in the bubble of the PQ, it is virulent. “

And, according to her, these reactions prove ” at what point things go wrong in this party. I feel that it is an attitude of the counter-example to that looks from the outside. It is a bit sectarian, as attitude. I do not see that it would give the taste to join the party. “


A number of elected members of the caucus have expressed their incomprehension faced with the decision of Catherine Fournier. This last served on the board of national executive who developed the action plan to carry out a complete overhaul of the PQ in the fall : why from even before the project is put in motion ?

“I had a thought, which has evolved since October. And my analysis leads me to the conclusion that the mark of the PQ is over, ” reiterated she. “It promises a larger process of reflection. There have been several in the past, and all government withdrew at the end of the account. I was not going to go to the national council [in ten days] for me to embark on a process which I do not believe in, while working on something else [his project to rally sovereignists]. It would have been hypocritical. “

It supports have no hope about the ability of the PQ to turn, especially because the party would be, paradoxically, ” resistant to change “. “And even if I had hope, the problem is much deeper than that. “

Catherine Fournier speaks of a party that ” Quebecers no longer listen to “. And it says it is well placed to know : “I have been to the assemblies of the districts almost everywhere in Quebec” for the past three years, as a rising star of the party.

The PQ would also be victim to ” a liability that it sticks to the skin more than for any other party, because it is a party of projects “. She illustrates : “During the campaign, I spoke of our environmental plan very thorough, and I was told : “Yes, but the Island.” I spoke of our desire to better integrate the immigrants, and I was told : “Yes, but the charter of values”. “Conclusion : the pq members” are blocked “.

And now ?

The convergence between Québec solidaire and the Parti québécois didn’t work ; the PQ, once a coalition of all the sovereignists, could now no longer play this role ; so what ?

The solution proposed by Catherine Fournier is still unclear : to bring together the separatists in a movement non-partisan. “The next steps remain to be defined,” she said. Some expect that I founded a movement [immediately] : but it takes time and I’m not going to do it all alone. It would have also been hypocritical to rig something up by being in the same time the PQ. There, I have a free hand. “


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