89-year-old Ecclestone about his wife’s pregnancy: nothing unusual

The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone commented on the news of the pregnancy of his 44-year-old wife. Honorary President of the f-1 expressed surprise at the fact that this event raised a stir.

“Don’t see any difference between the 89-year-old and 29-year-old. I guess everyone has the same problem. This story is not unusual, I can’t even understand how such a stir.

We have everything in order, we are in Brazil. Now we need to wait and understand whether there will be this event here or in the UK.

My wife is happy, she waited for this event. Glad she will have someone who will look after her after I die,” — quoted Ecclestone Daily Mail.

Recall, Bernie Ecclestone already has three daughters, the first of which is 65 years old.

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