8 ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

Take screenshots using system tools or additional software.

Standard tools Windows

1. Win + PrtSc

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

Let’s start with the most simple. To instantly capture the entire screen, use the combination of keys Win (flag) + PrtSc (Print Screen).

The system will make a screenshot and immediately saves it to the hard disk in PNG format. The final file you will find at: “This PC” → “Image” → “screen Shots”.

2. PrtSc + Paint

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

This method also allows you to create a screenshot of the entire screen, but if necessary, you can directly edit the result.

Press PrtSc. Windows will take a screenshot, but will not show it: the system will not save the image to your hard drive, and only copy to the clipboard.

To see a screenshot, start Paint and paste the image into the program window using Ctrl + V. If necessary, change the picture using the editor.

Click “File” → “Save as” and save the screenshot in the correct format. The image will appear in the specified location. Instead of Paint, you can use any other image editor installed on your PC.

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3. Alt + PrtSc

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

This key combination takes a snapshot of the active window, and, like the previous method, copies the resulting image to the clipboard.

Hit Alt + PrtSc. Then open Paint or another image editor and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot. Edit the image if needed and save it in any folder in a convenient format.

4. The Program “Scissors”

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

Windows 10 has a built-in screenshot Manager, which allows you to capture the entire screen, separate fragments and selected Windows. This app is “Scissors”. It is easy to find by name via the search system.

Running “Scissors”, press “Mode” and select the desired display area. Then use the “Create” button and click on the screen.

When the screenshot is ready, the program will open it in a new window. Here on the picture you can put your notes and send it by mail or just save to your hard drive.

5. The program “stretch and sketch”

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

Recently, Windows 10 has added another app to work with screenshots — “stretch and sketch”. With it also you can take snapshots of the selected area, selected window or full screen. Most likely, in the future this utility will replace the “Scissors”.

To call the “stretch and sketch”, press Win + Shift + S or find the program by name using the search system. Run it, select the area of the screenshot that appears on the display buttons.

To see a screen shot, open Paint and press Ctrl + V. When the image appears in the program, it can be edited and saved on the hard disk. In some builds of Windows in the “Fragment and sketch” has a built-in editor that allows you to dispense the Paint.

Third-party program

If standard methods not enough for you, you can try these tools with additional features.

1. Nimbus Capture

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

Nimbus Capture is a browser plugin, which is very convenient to take screenshots of web pages. In addition to the usual shots of the entire screen, window or selection, it also allows you to capture the full length of the page, even if it does not fit in the screen.

And in Nimbus Capture, you can edit images and save them directly to Google Drive. Plus, the plugin is able to record video of the screen.

To take a screenshot, just click the button Nimbus Capture on the browser toolbar and select an area of the screen. You can also configure hot keys and the images format: PNG or JPG.

All of these features are available for free. But, if you want to attach screenshots of your logo, save them to Dropbox and get efficient technical support, you will have to purchase a subscription costing $ 15 per year.

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10


8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10


8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10


2. PicPick

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

Image editor very similar to Paint, with the function of creating screenshots. PicPick is able to take snapshots of the entire screen, any selected area and the selected window, including scrolling. As for the editor, besides basic features like adding text and notes, it allows you to adjust the colors of images and apply various effects.

You can configure hotkeys, and save the file in one of the following formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF and GIF. After installation, the program icon appears on the taskbar. To take a screenshot, click on it and select the area of the screen.

The program can be used free of charge, but in this case, the new version will have to download from the site manually. The ability to auto-update the developers ask one-time payment of 30 dollars.

Download PicPick →

3. LightShot

8 способов сделать скриншот в Windows 10

LightShot is a simple tool that allows you to take screenshots of a selected region in a couple of clicks. Only need to click on the program icon and select with the mouse the necessary fragment. Then you can add text, arrows or anything to draw over the image.

Using LightShot is very easy to share screen shots. Making a screenshot, you can immediately save it to the server program to receive a direct link to send to your colleagues or friends. It offers two formats: PNG and JPG.

The app is free, but before you install offers to download additional software. Don’t forget to abandon it.

Download LightShot →

This material was first published in January 2017. In March 2020, we have updated the text.

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