8 things in the relationship, which should not even talk to friends

8 вещей в отношениях, о которых не стоит рассказывать даже друзьям

In relationships like in fight club: first rule is you don’t talk about them too much.

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1. Sex

No matter you want to boast or complain, but do not share details of sexual life. Certainly friends still want to quietly look into the eyes of your half, without thinking of sophisticated poses, intimate tattoos, sexual fantasies and other details that should stay within the couple.

Quite embarrassing this would be if information about incontinence in the stories comes to your mate.

2. The betrayal of the partner, which you are going to forgive

If you give up on someone who cheated on you, you can feel free to tell it like it is. But if you have an ounce of desire to maintain those relationships, take a pause and nothing anyone tell. You may find the strength to forgive a partner’s infidelity. But your friends will not forgive and will remember about the change even on your Golden wedding.

3. Suspicions of treason

You think that the partner is behaving strangely, communicating with someone or stayed not at work. But you should not share these doubts with your friends, if adultery exists only in your head. Quite possibly, your suspicions are groundless. But buddies of your words will be enough to make anybody a cheater, at least potentially.

4. Personal problems partner

At whatever stage may be in your relationship, you are still two separate people. Problem partner — it’s his problem. You can support it, but certainly have no reason to tell others, even if they can help.

Every superfluous word transforms you from a loved one in banal gossip.

Let the partner himself decides who he wants to talk about their illness, failures at work, problems parents. And it concerns not only current problems, but also his past.

5. The relation of partner to one of your friends

Not necessary to tell that the partner dislikes one of your friends. All he needs to do is create the illusion of a normal relationship, so as not to disturb you to communicate with a person who he does not like.

If you tell someone about the real state of things, you put in an uncomfortable position all at once. And don’t be surprised if in the end you will have to choose between two loved ones.

6. Quarrels and complaints

You may think that friends exist for that, to have someone to complain to the partner. But put yourself in their place. If someone constantly talked shit about the person you involuntarily there is a question why to continue this relationship.

Given the fact that friends only hear your version of events, the question sounds louder. Next, they will begin to save you from these terrible relationships. Well, or will cease to communicate with you, after all, nobody likes all the time to listen to someone else whining.

Friends will not help you solve the problems within couple. If you value your partner, discuss all the differences with him.

But it is important to understand that we are talking about household squabbles, which spoil the mood, but not very threatening to your psyche, health or life. If you suspect that you are entangled in an unhealthy, dependent relationship, talk about problems and seek help, as you will need witnesses and protection.

7. Correspondence and photographs

Thanks to the messengers some of the things friends can not only tell, but show. If you really want to share a fragment of correspondence or funny photos, first ask your partner, whether you can do it. Not all of the parts people are willing to demonstrate to the wider public.

8. The weakness of the partner

Weaknesses make us vulnerable. Speaking about the imperfections of a partner, you give a companion a weapon against him. And even if they never take advantage, it’s just frustrating when someone talks about the qualities that you would prefer not to disclose.

Probably you tell about the systems flaws and strange habits of the partner is not malice, it’s just you think it’s funny. And at the same time expose him to ridicule. Here (and in other paragraphs, and in life in General) it is important to think first and then speak.

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