8 effective ways to hold corporate spirit in the team

8 действенных способов подогреть корпоративный дух в команде

Options for office and remote employees.

What you need to remember if you care about corporate spirit

1. Loyalty will not be able to impose by force

You can pull the entire budget and the skin of your teeth, to get the cool, funny and the right team-building event. But all efforts turn to ashes if your company has a problem at the level of basic processes. Non-transparent system of operation and management, delayed wages, the tyranny of managers, the payment of premiums not on merit, but on acquaintance, illegal dismissal one day — this is not correct, no team building.

All the ways to warm up team spirit can only enhance loyalty, rather than to create it from scratch. It is composed of many bricks. But most importantly — the Foundation of how comfortable the employee to work in the company, not to have fun.

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2. Caring about people should be sincere

Sometimes responsible for team building employee attends the “the great idea” and then a whole team working on it to implement it. Takes time, effort, and money. The event takes place and nobody likes. But the organizers only think about what they have ungrateful colleagues. Although I would have to guess: in fact, loyalty is not important “great idea”, and the interests of employees.

It is not necessary to have a party in a nightclub, if you have a team entirely fans of table games. This is not the exit from the zone of comfort, which should encourage people to become more efficient and productive.

Of course, to please absolutely everyone will not work. But you can at least try to catch the right mood. For example, create a survey and offer a choice of several diverse activities. Let them vote what they want. At the same time so you show that their opinion is worth something too.

3. Fun under pressure always bad

When enumerating the horrors of corporate culture is usually called duty to go on different holidays. They say if you don’t come, you don’t pay a premium. And can even fire, because you do not show proper loyalty to the company. It is easy to guess that the love for the organization where forced to participate in outside activities, it’s very bad.

The employee should have the right without any excuses to refuse activities that are irrelevant to work. It says nothing about his loyalty. Maybe his cat got sick and he’s embarrassed to tell you how worried.

4. Religious holidays is a bad idea for team building

Yes, and the relevance of secular need to think in advance. Some of the reasons at best lead to confusion for some part of the collective, at worst everything will end disputes and grievances.

For example, to arrange the total diving into the hole on Epiphany — a dubious idea from all sides. First, among you there may be people of different faiths and atheists. For them, the January swim looks absurd. Second, swimming in icy water is for everybody, and quite healthy.

So it is better to choose more neutral reasons for teambuilding.

5. Regular little activity is better rare but lush

Organize major corporate events several times a year — well and good, especially if you have thought of everything. Ideally, they should be kind of a nice meeting of old friends, which everyone is very welcome. If employees can not communicate during the year, then this will have no effect. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the interaction in the team.

How to unite the team

1. To make business processes more transparent

Loyalty is not necessarily inhuman patience, willingness to bend, blind faith in the authorities and the mindless loyalty to the company, to enforce that without repression do not work. It happens that people working in the organization because I really believe in what she’s doing, he likes his duties and the team. He is not leaving, not because his act would be seen as a betrayal and will destroy his professional reputation, and because he did not want. And in a difficult situation, he will be even willing to suffer a few months without premium and exercising more, if only to help the company to swim.

And often this happens in organizations where there is no repression. This does not negate the system of rewards and punishments, but it is transparent. In General, it is clear what to do to get a prize or increase the amount of work necessary to perform in order to you had no complaints. Okay, what are the prospects of the company and the employee with her. Even if the situation gets out of control because of a crisis or pandemic, well, when about it to be honest.

Be sure to keep the team aware of what is happening in the company. It is extremely important to inform people and open to talk to them. Then it is easier and more comfortable to work with. Employees feel that they are honest and open, and begin to trust you more. Otherwise there is a risk of permanently losing the loyalty of colleagues.

Svetlana Popova, head of Accountancy&Finance recruitment company Hays

It is possible to hold periodic meetings with employees at which the manual tells how things are going. It is important to note imperfections, but more importantly — together to celebrate a common victory. People should be able to ask questions and to talk about the problems — if they can be safely addressed.

In General, while the employee feels human, not a cog in the soulless corporate machine, a chance to get his loyalty is quite high.

2. To establish familiarity with the new staff

In a tiny offline companies by three new employee gets fast enough to join the team. If the company is bigger, experts from different departments run the risk of a few months, not to face, even in the corridors or waiting in line at the cooler and not know about each other. As for remote employees, they great chance and did never interfere, except for its direct management.

And therefore it is important not only to provide the new players, but also give them the opportunity to socialize in an informal setting. Ideally, a personal meeting though video conferencing is better than nothing.

If you have distributed teams in different cities or have remote employees, organize every 3-6 months offline meetings of the whole team. Not talking with a live person, not knowing his temperament and sense of humor, it is difficult to correctly perceive the information from it. Only in person born common jokes, stories, slang — all this unites the team, helping everyone to feel part of a single organism.

Marina Malashenko, HR Director of service for planning journeys OneTwoTrip

If all employees work in one office, and the team is not very big, you can make a small welcome party for every newcomer or group of employees depends on how often you increase the staff. For example, to gather for pizza or rolls and chat.

3. To arrange an informal channel of communication

This item logically continues the previous one. More difficult for people to get closer if they talk only with their immediate colleagues and just working environment. It is therefore imperative that they had a platform for informal communication, for example General chat.

It is important to associate for communication between employees from different departments and cities. Helps us in this Slack. Here employees create interest groups, exchange ideas, experiences, interesting information. In thematic channels often communicate with people who would never have interacted in the context of work on the task or even not be met. It brings together and gives a feeling that the employees, wherever they may be, is always near.

Marina Malashenko

4. Organize outside activity

These activities help the employees to open from different sides and to become better acquainted. They bring together people who might not otherwise be met. Well, if the activity of the different topics that will help you to find like-minded people. Here are a few ideas.


This can be a book or film club, culinary community, corporate RAID in multiplayer — anything.

Use your own talents. You can get ready running coaches and the game of poker, heads of music groups, Directors of drama schools, the environmental activists, sommeliers and even astrologers. We did and got the community, who are the employees themselves.

Anastasia Zhuravleva, PR Director of QIWI group

Internal training of employees

If you amassed a strong team of professionals (why do you need other staff?), surely they have something to share with each other. For example, representatives of one Department can teach the other about their responsibilities and the basics of the skill. First, it will make the company’s activity is transparent: it will be clear who, what and why involved. Second, the remaining workers will understand how their work relates to the activities of this Department, what is fraught with delays, why is it important to transfer content so and not otherwise. Finally, individual employees, new knowledge will help to broaden their responsibilities and grow horizontally and vertically.

Another idea for internal training — non-core skills that help with motivation, productivity, courage, communication. Probably someone has mastered the secret techniques and is ready to share with the team.

We have an internal project ABBYY Academy. Within its framework it is possible to tell coworkers something interesting, share your personal experience. Any employee can suggest a topic and make a report, which we broadcast in all offices.

Ivan Yamshchikov, AI-Evangelist ABBYY


Usually, you entire team to strive to achieve the KPI. But can further compete in sports or intellectual competition. It is better to not compete with each other and with third-party opponents. In this case, the rally will be victory and defeat. When you compete on the inside, there is a risk that the relationship between the winners and losers for some time to deteriorate.

5. To cover company news

You can make periodic newsletter email, to post this post in the corporate channel or chat. In the text you rezyumiruya what happened in the intervening period, share performance, problems, achievements, celebrate heroes.

6. To arrange flash mobs and challenges

Of course, this idea will be delighted to see any team. But if the staff is young, prone to small adventures and active in social media, you can try. Give each challenge hashtag to see all participants at once. The most distinguished award token prizes.

This approach not only unite the team members while they perform the task, but will work on HR brand of the company.

Every week in corporate social Workplace we spend a lot on various topics. For example, last week was sports. Colleagues from different offices upload videos to workout in my apartment or in the yard. One employee became a “star Workplace”, stuffing a roll of toilet paper instead of a soccer ball. This week colleagues share recipes of dishes prepared at home. For example, an employee of Japan shared videorecipes soup in Japanese style, a colleague from Hungary — traditional Hungarian recipe Easter cupcake. Such activity not only allow you to open up from an unexpected side, but also to tell others about their cultures and countries.

Ivan Yamshchikov

7. To build a system of communication between employees

Even in the coolest and transparent company among employees can cause misunderstanding. And not only between superiors and subordinates but also between the line workers. It is important to configure a communication system so that the parties to the conflict were an opportunity to clarify and correct the situation. For this you need to know who to contact in this case and requires complete confidentiality.

8. To organize joint trips

A lot depends on budget. Someone takes out of the employees in Milan or Antalya, some for the nearest camp site. All versions can be quite effective.

Trip team somewhere is first and foremost an adventure. If it lasts a few days, allows you to drop out of reality and to plunge into the atmosphere of summer camp, which many people loved as kids. At this time you switch to a completely different context. Your daily routine and problems recede into the background. And the people with whom you survive this adventure, you become really close and expensive.

Maryna Khomich, HR Director Viber in Minsk

What corporate events do you think are really useful? Share in the comments.

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