8 about settings, which you stay in an unhappy relationship

8 ложных установок, из-за которых вы остаётесь в несчастливых отношениях

All this is not a reason to tolerate indifference, conflict and abuse.

1. The person should be a couple

When we are alone, we all think we walk around at the two as lovebirds. That all families, children, weddings, trips and minimise photos to Instagram. And even a person after a certain age is supposed to be in a relationship is as important an attribute as education and work, for example. But if you have a date, so something is definitely wrong.

79% of Russians believe Happiness in marriage and no: what is happening with the institution of the family , that marriage is needed just to not be alone. 60% believe that to get married is for having children. In other words, people still enter into unions simply because it is customary, and remain in the relationship “for show”.

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2. Everyone will know I’m a loser

To break off the relationship — so show what you got did not. Many see this step as recognition of the failure and even their own inferiority.

The modern world has taught us that we should always be joyful, successful and happy.

So, we need to smile, trying to portray happiness and joyful post pictures where you hold hands and jump into the sea or feed each other strawberries. Even if his heart is very hard.

3. I will regret

After the rupture of the human from all sides will inevitably fall tactless questions, some will start to look at him with sympathy. At every family feast will be to breathe, to ask, why is he alone again and when you’re waiting for weddings and grandchildren.

It’s actually an ordeal. And many prefer to maintain relationships, which do not cause anything but disappointment, but would not tolerate all these pity looks and questions.

This is confirmed by statistics. According to a survey of attitudes to marriage and divorce: monitor poll, 10% of Russians hold on the divorce, the condemnation of friends and relatives.


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4. Nothing horrible happens, all live

Many people think the Attitude toward marriage and divorce: the monitoring of that break need a very good reason: infidelity, domestic violence, alcoholism of one of the partners, poverty, any profound differences in mentality.

And if nothing horrible happens, there is nothing to think about how to leave a partner. Even if the home is a day of quarrel, the relationship is long gone (or maybe not) and heat both feel unhappy.

So because we live everything: the neighbors above and their own parents, and even couples.

Well, swear, hate each other — but the point is everyday. You can be patient.

5. A happy relationship doesn’t happen at all

That is, there are, but only on the pages of books or on the screens of cinemas. For any “happily ever after” lies a grim life, quarrels, misunderstandings, adultery and other troubles. Those who say that they are fine and harmonious, just lying.

So there is no point to break a bad marriage: I will either be in the same, or will all my life to find the mythical in a happy relationship, which in fact does not exist.

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6. We’ve been alone too long

And it’s not even about marital homes, cars and other material things, and that people often feel sorry for our shared memories, experiences, happy moments, local stories and jokes. It seems that if you end the relationship, everything good that happened between them, automatically depreciate. And if it was good before, but now it became bad, then you need to hold it together for this common happy past.

But this is absolutely not true. Bright moments is not going anywhere any from your albums or from your memory. But dislike, scandals, abuse and betrayal can destroy any happy memories.

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7. To get used to a new person is difficult

“We have to each other got used, well know each other. If we get separated, I’ll have to find someone else and to get used again. And it’s complicated.” Indeed, the older we get, the harder it is for us to make new friends, get closer with the unfamiliar person, to let him back in my life, to accept and to love him with all advantages and disadvantages.

But staying in an unhappy relationship, we risk not only a good mood and confidence but also health — mental and physical.

Research shows Research Shows Bad Relationships Can Also Mean Bad Health , troubled relationships are associated with depression, anxiety, insomnia and even a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. And this is much worse than for a short stay in solitude or to get used to a new partner.

8. The gap is long and difficult

8% of Russians keeps the Attitude towards marriage and divorce: monitor-married only the complexity of the divorce. It seems that this monstrous bureaucratic procedure: it is necessary to go on instances, to collect the papers, to explain something strange and indifferent people. And even if the marriage was not concluded officially, break it also may not be so simple: you will, for example, to transport things, to find a new home property to divide, cats, and possibly children. No, better to let things remain as they are.

But if it’s really the only reason it is easier still to find an apartment, move my things and chat with the officials of the registry office than for many years to make unhappy yourself and your partner.

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